Lynch Golf Group will host annual golf outing on Oct. 15

Golf ball on the tee
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Mark your calendars, as The Lynch Golf Group will once again be hosting the Lynch Golf Outing this year on Oct. 15, with the after party at the American Turners Club.
While The Lynch Golf Group usually selects a family to donate proceeds to each year, this year they have changed things up a bit. Ordinarily, they are able to raise significant funds for the donee family with the help of our neighborhood bars, restaurants and businesses, who have always donated generously to support our efforts. This year however, those businesses are themselves recovering, having sustained significant losses and endured hardships resulting from the Covid-19 pause and restrictions on their establishments.
It would be rough to ask any business owner to donate in these times. The Lynch Golf Group is fortunate, however, that the golf outing and after party raise money on their own, separate and apart from sponsorships. Since the resultant anticipated proceeds would thus be smaller than what we usually raise for a donee family, we thought it would be better to donate the smaller purse to a cause near and dear to the heart of this group, Ground Zero 360.
Ground Zero 360 is a non-profit traveling museum which honors the sacrifice of the victims and families of the 9/11 terror attacks. The traveling exhibition, containing original works of art and 9/11 artifacts, allows the spectator to step into the past and explore the startling aftermath of one of the most tragic events in American history from a New Yorker’s perspective. Victims’ family members and first responders travel with the exhibition to educate the public who cannot visit the Sept. 11 Museum in New York City to make sure we “Never Forget.” In an age where many schools do not even teach 9/11 out of fear that it may cause negative sentiment toward a particular group or groups, this Ground Zero 360 steps up and makes sure the voice of the families and victims is never silenced.
The Lynch family has been involved with them for years, as Michael’s story is one of their earliest exhibit presentations. This year, they added Steven “Ya-Ya” Cioffi, a Throggs Neck NYPD officer who lost his life to a 9/11-related cancer in 2013, to the exhibit. We invite you to check out the Ground Zero 360 page at We will also count on you to come out in support of the golf outing on Oct. 15. Thanks as always to the most amazing neighborhood in New York City.

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