4 Bronx men indicted for sex trafficking 2 teens and an 18-year-old woman

New York Police
Two suspects allegedly stole jewelry worth $6,500 in a private sale on Oct. 11, 2021.
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Four Bronx men were indicted last week for allegedly sex trafficking two teenage girls and an 18-year-old woman in the Bronx.

“These defendants allegedly profited from the sex trafficking of vulnerable teens,” said District Attorney Darcel Clark.  “They manipulated these girls by all means: taking their money, beatings, strangling and drugs. Two of the defendants are mother and son. We are glad these victims are finally out of that horrible, degrading situation.”

The defendants, Marvin Flint, a.k.a “Merk,” 30, of 1010 E. 178th St., Zyair Harris, a.k.a “Zay,” 24, of 2354 Glebe Ave., Curtis Laboy, a.k.a. “Shawn,” 24, of 2115 Cross Bronx Expressway and Melina Laboy, a.k.a “Chica Peek,” 41, of 2415 Williamsbridge Road, were variously charged in a 35-count indictment with sex trafficking of a child, 2nd, 3rd- and 4th-degree promoting prostitution, sex trafficking, compelling prostitution, 3rd-degree criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the investigation, in November 2020, Harris recruited a 15-year-old girl to engage in prostitution. Harris and Flint allegedly took photos of the teen and posted them online as ads. For weeks, the victim engaged in prostitution daily.

The defendants profited from the exploitation of the victim. In December 2020, Harris allegedly assaulted the victim for various reasons, such as the victim collecting the wrong amount of money. Harris also allegedly struck the teen in the face and body and strangled her until she became unconscious on various occasions.

Due to the increasing violence and threats under Harris, Flint recruited the victim to work for him only. Flint also beat the victim multiple times, including one incident in which he assaulted the teen with a towel rod he had ripped off the bathroom wall.

Flint also gave the victim ecstasy and cocaine so she could continue engaging in sexual acts with strangers in exchange for money.

On April 27, the NYPD conducted a rescue operation for the victim after her mother reported her missing and photos of her were seen in online ads. The victim was recovered from Flint’s home, but on April 30, the teen ran away from home and was with Flint until May 8.

According to the investigation, between Nov. 15, 2020, and May 8, 2021, Harris and Flint worked with Laboy in the sex trafficking of an 18-year-old woman and another 15-year-old girl. In December 2020, Laboy allegedly told the 18-year-old victim, who was homeless, that she could make money with him.

Laboy allegedly posted ads online of the victim, and between December 2020 and February the 18-year-old engaged in prostitution. Laboy profited from the exploitation of the victim and threatened her with violence if she
did not follow his rules.

On Feb. 2, Laboy allegedly recruited the 15-year-old victim, who knew the 18-year-old victim, and he posted photos of the 15-year-old in online ads. The victim stayed at the 7 Days Hotel on Bruckner Boulevard for two weeks and engaged in prostitution at least one time at the behest of the defendant.

Laboy’s mother, Melina Laboy, would allegedly go to the 7 Days Hotel to enforce rules and informed her son when the victim did not follow them. She also allegedly transported the victim to other locations so she could engage in sexual acts with others in exchange for a fee, as arranged by defendants.