Community Board 10 proposes 45th Precinct & PSA #8 to replace Mandee

The site of a former clothing store may soon be fashioning itself for a future in law enforcement.

On Monday, March 9, Community Board 10 wrote a letter to Mayor De Blasio suggesting the possible relocation of the 45th Precinct and Police Service Area #8 to the vacant building at 3860 E. Tremont Avenue, previously a Mandee clothing store.

The Welco Realty property is situated near the Cross Bronx Expressway and contains approximately 15,000 square feet above ground, a loading dock and spacious parking, as well as and a finished basement.

The 45th Precinct has served the northeast Bronx communities since the late 1920s, but its headquarters is considered outdated and needs serious renovations.

The precinct house’s upper floor, locker areas and rest rooms are deteriorated.

Located at 2877 Barkley Avenue, the precinct inhabits a crowded neighborhood where parking is limited leading to poor work environment and community relation problems.

Conditions at Police Service Area #8, presently located inside Throggs Neck Houses, are crowded, lack available parking, and is prone to leaks.

John Marano, Community Board 10 first vice chairman explained the idea he shared with Martin Prince, CB 10 chairman and Kenneth Kearns, CB 10 district manager.

“When this property came up on the market, we felt it would be the perfect location for the 45th Precinct and Police Service Area #8 because it has ample parking and it’s in closer proximity to the area’s highways and bridges,” Marano revealed.

“The 45th Precinct is a beautiful architectural marvel which unfortunately is presently in need of extensive interior repairs. We believe that if efforts are being made to help restore the current building, which does not have an elevator, these efforts could instead be better used toward creating a more state-of-the-art precinct at this vacant property,” Kearns said.

Robert Bieder, 45th Precinct Community Council president welcomes this possibility.

“With projects like this, it always comes down to budget. However, developing this site to accommodate the 45th Precinct and Police Service Area #8 would be a great capital project for the area. These police agencies are constantly working together and it would be perfect to have them in the same location. This site is large enough and doesn’t require a ton of construction effort to make it work,” Bieder explained.

He confirmed many of the issues expressed in the letter regarding the present states of both law enforcement agencies citing the precinct’s detective offices and PSA #8’s offices as being cramped.

CB 10 believes the 3860 E. Tremont Avenue property would provide both police agencies with modern, spacious quarters which will lead to an improved work environment and better public service.

Marano added that moving the 45th Precinct to this new location would rectify parking issues the department has faced over the years as the area became fully developed.

In addition, Marano said should this idea become reality, vehicles involved in highway accidents currently parked along Tremont Avenue could be placed inside the property’s perimeter.

Kearns revealed CB 10 has suggested re-purposing the existing precinct structure for community use such as office space, a recreational center or a public or charter school.

The idea was presented before members of the Throggs Neck community during this past Thursday, March 19’s CB 10 meeting at Fort Schuyler House. No objections were raised.

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