Column: Progressive policies costly in in terms of ‘dollars and safety’

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Anger over the elitist and unrealistic goals of Progressives in Washington, state capitals and city halls is rapidly accelerating.

It is not hard to understand why the citizenry is increasingly unhappy. Strange decisions and policies that are bizarre and costly, in terms of both dollars and safety, are being made at a rapid pace.

In just the past month, it was revealed that the White House chose to delay a long-scheduled hypersonic missile test to satisfy Vladimir Putin, who has boasted of his own hypersonic weapons. It wasn’t a singular example. Despite massive arms advances by Russia, China and North Korea, Biden has been reluctant to adequately fund the Pentagon. U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), lead Republican of the House Armed Services Committee, warned that “It is time for President Biden to prioritize U.S. military modernization over attempts to cozy-up to Putin and Xi. Russia and China have their foot on the gas when it comes to developing and deploying advanced nuclear-capable hypersonic systems, while this administration looks for any excuse to delay or cancel U.S. systems and tests.”

The same week that this occurred, the administration floated the concept of providing $450,000 payouts to each illegal who had crossed the border and had been separated from accompanying minors, a cautionary move against the possibility that children were being trafficked for sex. A prominent conservative leader, Gerard Kassar, stated: “Giving $450,000 in U.S. tax dollars to unlawful immigrants who crossed the Mexican border into the U.S. with children illegally is madness. Millions of Americans are struggling to get by under President Biden’s tanking economy, and his priority is making unlawful immigrants rich using their money? If Mr. Biden and the Democrats do this, how many more unlawful immigrants will cross into the U.S. with children in tow? Can anybody count that high?”

While Biden seems eager to empty America’s treasury to assist illegals, he seeks to make it harder for ill veterans to utilize their benefits. American Military News reports that they found that there are “…roughly 520,000 pending VA claims for disability compensation and benefits, 191,000 are considered to be backlogged (defined as older than 125 days)…To help navigate that hurdle, private consulting agents who work on a contingency basis have become an effective private sector solution to this lack of this assistance for veterans.”

The Biden White House is not pleased that veterans have employed a way to get the care they are entitled to. The administration’s budget carries a provision that outlaws the use of these facilitators.

The wide gap between Progressives and the citizenry is not restricted to national security, illegal immigration or a lack of appreciation of the sacrifice made by veterans.

Governors and mayors of “Blue” states have sided with leftist educational groups and radical unions over the good of students and the rights of parents. The most notable example of this occurred during the gubernatorial campaign of Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe, who in an unguarded moment exclaimed that parents had no say in what their offspring were being taught.

McAuliffe’s candor wasn’t the worst of it. Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to go after moms and dads who protested against the misdeeds and negligence of school officials that endangered students, and the politicization of public school curriculum.

Many Progressive leaders in city halls have sought to defund the police, despite a rising tide of crime directly caused by their progressive policies such as bail reform, handcuffing the ability of law enforcement to do its job, and the policy of providing “sanctuary” to illegal aliens who have committed crimes.

The general refusal of both social media outlets and television newscasts to accurately portray the objections of the people, and the utter failure of leftist policies, has added considerable fuel to the growing fire.

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