CI mobile speed camera slows traffic around P.S. 175

CI mobile speed camera slows traffic around P.S. 175
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

Speed demons beware! A speed camera may be coming to a street near you.

A mobile speed camera was recently approved for P.S. 175.

On the February and March days that the camera was in use, tickets were issued to motorists who drove past the school on City Island Avenue travelling 11 miles per hour or more over the 25-mile per hour posted speed limit.

Mobile speed cameras have been deployed around the borough, including on Schurz Avenue in Throggs Neck, according to previous Bronx Times reporting.

Fixed cameras are located outside many of our borough educational institutions, including the Lehman Educational Campus.

City Island leaders said the P.S. 175 camera has had a calming effect during morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups at the school.

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto requested a NYC Department of Transportation camera at P.S. 175 when he was alerted that the area around the school was prone to speeding.

A press conference announcing the speed camera was held outside the school on Thursday, May 3.

“There are statistics that show that when speed cameras are put in front of locations, it reduces speeding some 63%,” said Benedetto. “Since the mobile camera was put in use on City Island, 52 violations have been issued to motorists.”

Benedetto said that he hasn’t received any blowback from having the cameras at the location, and feels the benefits of increased safety for children walking to and from school should outweigh any inconvenience.

The assemblyman said that City Island resident John Doyle, one of the founders of a new community organization called City Island Rising, alerted his office to the speeding problem in front of the school

“This is a consistent location where we get complaints about traffic irregularities, speeding, and people just blowing through the red light,” said Doyle. “This camera is making a meaningful difference.”

Benedetto hopes that Governor Cuomo will sign into law a bill authorizing the use of more speed cameras that has already passed the state legislature.

If signed, the legislation increases the number of speed cameras from 140 in NYC to 750, Benedetto explained.

“No one likes getting a ticket,” said Doyle, “But it is a small price to pay if we can save even one life.”

Island activist and P.S. 175 parent Dan Treiber said that parents are talking about the camera, and its seems to be a speed deterrent.

“If people drove slower it would be better,” said Treiber.

Treiber said that at certain parts of the day there is congestion in front of the school building. When motorists leave the area after picking up or dropping off, or if they don’t have a schoolchild, they tend to drive away fast.

He said he believes that speed cameras are effective in reducing speeding on local streets.

The City Island speed camera will become permanent if the need is confirmed.

The mobile speed camera operates during school hours only, Monday through Friday. It monitors speeding within a quarter mile radius of the school.

Speeding summonses are $50 and issued by mail. The infraction does not add points to a driver’s license.

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