Column: Lawmakers need to lead on crime

File photo Todd Maisel

 Quality leadership is crucial for community prosperity. Quality leaders have the expertise to administrate, delegate and legislate in ways that instill confidence, promote order and avoid hazardous misperceptions. Recent events within our community have raised doubt and confusion. Well-known criminals, despite multiple arrests, continue maladaptive behaviors while brazenly gallivanting throughout our neighborhoods. This absurd situation has law abiding residents questioning the efficacy of our law enforcement, judiciary and legislators.

The responsibility of law enforcement and judiciary is crystal clear: they must abide by rules crafted and enacted by our legislative leadership. Like fishermen with a sub-standard catch, elected legislators have decreed law enforcement and judiciary to quickly release many of the arrested back into society. The words of the immortal Maya Angelou “If we don’t plant the right seeds, we will reap the wrong things… common sense tells you to be kind.”

in the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “It is common to take a method and try it. If it fails admit it frankly and try another.”

It is time for knowledgeable legislators to display quality leadership. They must cast aside unbridled political loyalties and heed the words of these guiding lights. Maestro-like insight is required to lead the community orchestra. Legislators must logically amend the music, pick up their batons, and lead community orchestras in harmonious melodies. Current untenable noises progressively resonating throughout our communities warrants choruses for change. 

Did You Know: 

New York City’s compassion and generosity toward undocumented immigrants goes back several years. In 1989, Mayor Ed Koch through executive order provided undocumented immigrants numerous measures of protection. During a 1996 speech, Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated, “There are times when undocumented immigrants must have a substantial degree of protection.”  It appears benevolence and compassion is an integral piece of the NYC fabric.

This begs the questions: Does the City Council legislation granting legal non-citizens residing in NYC for at least 30 days voting rights in municipal elections exceed compassionate expectation? Should this legislative action have been a back of the ballot measure decided by the electorate? Is the voice of the people being muffled to push political agendas?  

Monthly meetings are expected to resume in March; however, the traditional winter break could be interrupted by circumstances requiring ad hoc attentions. 

If we want to keep and reap the blessings of our fine quality of life, we must endure the fatigue of supporting it. Our community has traditionally exhibited a “We are Family”  attitude. Now, is the time to let it shine. Communicate; make that phone call, text message or email. Please check on family, friends and neighbors, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Any area resident interested in the Spencer Estate Civic Association  send-email to 

Remember: Community=Common-Unity and Inclusion brings Solutions. 

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