Rock On The Bronx


You! You’re here! Welcome! Stay a while. Newspapers are still the best way to get and share your news. Unlike websites, a newspaper can fall upon the eyes of anyone, which means anyone at a moments notice can read the story about you. Generally with a website a person has to have the will and knowledge to type in a destination. A newspaper could be on a counter and be read by any eyes that fall upon it. A newspaper travels in the real world. A newspaper lands on desks and kitchens and night stands and subway and bus seats. A newspaper is something you physically hold and because of that it’s still treated with respect. This is not a drop of info stirred into some mega soup of the World Wide Web. This is YOUR paper. This is the Bronx. Welcome once again my friend to a column 11 years strong. This is Rock on the Bronx.

ITEM: One of the first Rock on the Bronx columns ever written concerned a local singer Brian Amato. Brian is still going strong; keeping sturdy Bronx ties and handling the lead singing for a powerful and popular new band called Freakswitch. Freakswitch is Mike Kenny on guitar, Mike Polito on bass, Mike Skaretka on drums and of course Brian Amato on vocals. They are hard rock but melodic. What if you took the kind of sounds produced by Metallica, Disturbed, Godsmack, Nickleback and Tool and put them all into a Westchester/Bronx whirlpool of indie energy and spit it back onto the local stages that dot the tri state? That my friends would be Freakswitch. I heard about Freakswitch through local friends. People are going to their shows. Their shows are becoming the place to be. The event to look forward to. That is always a good sign. Not only that but in keeping with the current swing towards the organic merge of film and rock, Freakswitch is working on a new video done in a documentary style. It’s their words, songs and opinions shown against a backdrop of a band doing it there way. Rock on. Rock out.

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