Riverdale synagogue vandal caught by police, brought up on litany of charges

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Courtesy of the NYPD.

Police have arrested a suspect in regards to the vandalism of four Riverdale synagogues late last month.

The suspect, 29-year-old Jordan J. Burnette of nearby Henry Hudson Parkway was brought up on: two burglary counts, one as a hate crime, other hate charges of criminal mischief, aggravated harassment, and criminal trespassing, in addition to petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and driving the wrong direction on a one way street.

The harsh vandalism began just after midnight on Friday morning, Chabad of Riverdale and Riverdale Jewish Center of 535 W. 246th Street and 3700 Independence Avenue had both been struck repeatedly with rocks until multiple windows at each location shattered, according to police.

Then on Saturday, the Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel and Young Israel of Riverdale of 475 W. 250th Street and 4502 Henry Hudson Parkway East were also targeted and had both windows and doors smashed.

The NYPD released this footage of the incident:

Burnette also allegedly broke the windows of three parked cars at 541 W. 239 Street as well, the NYPD reported.

In response to his arrest, congressman Jamaal Bowman, state senator Alessandra Biaggi, assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and city council member Eric Dinowitz released the following statement.

“We support the prosecution of this suspect under hate crime statutes, as it is clear and obvious that these vandalism attacks were motivated by a hatred for Jewish people and/or culture. There must be a clear line drawn in the sand that we have no place for anti-Semitism or any bigotry-fueled violence in the Bronx or
anywhere in New York.”

“Thank you to the NYPD as well as to all of the Jewish leaders who came together to stand up to this bigotry in our community, and we will continue to support efforts to ensure that all residents feel safe in their own neighborhoods.”

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