Police Blotter

A photo of one of the individuals police wish to interview in connection to a burglary of about $10,000 in cash from a supermarket safe at 2891 Sedgwick Avenue.
Photo courtesy of NYPD

40th Precinct

Thursday, September 27 at 6:05 p.m. — Cops took a report concerning an individual who approached an 87-year-old victim in a fast food restaurant at 279 E. 149th Street, grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. EMS responded to a call and took the woman to a local hospital where she was treated for a fractured pelvis and fractured right arm. The individual is described as a Hispanic man with grey hair. He was seen wearing white sneakers as well as black pants, black hat, and a black and blue jacket. He was pulling a blue rolling suitcase.

42nd Precinct

Sunday, September 30 at 4 a.m. — A woman who went out with someone she had met on a dating website got more than she had bargained for when she became a robbery victim. The 40-year-old woman entered an apartment building with an unidentified individual she had met when she believes the individual pulled a firearm and the proceeded to remove the victim’s cellphone and gold chain from her neck. The individual then fled. The victim wasn’t injured. The individual is described as a Hispanic man in his mid 30s who is about five feet, six inches tall. He has a muscular build and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants.

46th Precinct

Monday, October 8 at 12:02 a.m. — A 31-year-old woman was the victim of a grand larceny as she was traveling aboard an IND D train that had stopped at a station at Fordham Road. She began to exit the train. As she was exiting, an individual standing on the platform snatched her iPhone 8 Plus from her hand and fled the scene of the incident. The individual, described as a black man who was five foot, ten inches tall and 190 pounds, exited the station and ran northbound past Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse. The individual had a dark complexion and a small black afro. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt with the worlds “Just Do It” on it.

48th Precinct

Thursday, October 16 at 2:12 a.m. — An unknown individual gained entry to a fruit and vegetable business at 720 E. Tremont Avenue through an unlocked front gate. When inside, this individual took cash, electronics and food totaling $5,925 in value. The individual met up with a woman who was waiting for him with a cart when he left the store. They both fled on East Tremont Avenue. The first individual is a black man who is about five feet, nine inches tall and in his early 40s. He was last seen wearing a dark navy blue hooded sweatshirt, baseball cap, black gloves and gray sweatpants. The second individual is a female Hispanic in her late 30s. She had long black hair with blonde highlights. She was last seen wearing gray sweatpants and a long green coat.

49th Precinct

Monday, October 15 at 6:08 a.m. — Cops received a report of an assault aboard the IRT #5 train and are seeking to identify an individual. The individual and a 38-year-old man engaged in a verbal dispute in the mezzanine of the East Gun Hill Road station. The verbal dispute escalated onto the platform, at which point the individual slashed the victim across the face with a cutting instrument. The slash resulted in a deep laceration. EMS took the victim to an area hospital where he was treated and then released. The individual is described as a black man who was last seen wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and carrying a backpack with a construction helmet attached to it.

Monday, October 15 at 8:31 p.m. — Police responded to an emergency 911 call concerning a man shot in front of 2824 Bronx Park East. When they arrived on the scene officers found a 27-year-old man who was both unconscious and unresponsive. He had a gunshot wound to his head. EMS also responded to the scene and took the homicide victim to Jacobi Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. As of press time, the investigation is ongoing.

50th Precinct

Saturday, September 29 at 2 a.m. — Cops received a report of a burglary that involved approximately $10,000 in cash taken from a safe in a supermarket located at 2891 Sedgwick Avenue. Two individuals gained entry through a brick wall in the back of the building. Once they got inside, they entered an office and forced open a safe that contained the cash. They then fled in an unknown direction. The first individual is described a Hispanic man with a beard who was last seen wearing a black track suit with a hood. The second individual is a Hispanic man who was last seen wearing a black hooded sweater and blue sweatpants. A photo of one of the individuals police wish to interview in connection with the supermarket safe is available.

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