Pehlam Bay Taxpayers Association

The companies that deliver oil to heat our homes have been in the forefront for a very, very long time, loudly stating that the continuous escalating price of oil is due to the oil speculators. President Bush lifted an executive order banning offshore oil drilling to help increase domestic oil production. What happened after the President’s announcement?  The price of a barrel of oil came down over $10 a barrel.

When the price of a barrel of oil went up, with the old price of gasoline still in their tanks, all the gas stations hurriedly raised the price of gasoline. However, when the price of a barrel of oil came down, we haven’t seen any gas station hurrying to lower their prices. The oil crisis is not going to be fixed just by the oil speculators realizing the entire country is serious and demanding the problem be fixed. We need wind, solar, electric energy, we need smart technology that is worthy of the 21st century. What did our senators and congressmen do?  They all went on vacation!  Everyone needs a vacation, but between the oil crisis, the disastrous mortgage crisis, Americans running to withdraw their money from our banks, this is definitely not the time to leave this mess and go on vacation.

Another question we want answered from our elected officials: Who is profiting and benefiting from all the additional taxes we are paying every time  we pump gas into our cars, and fuel oil into our homes?  Where is all that additional tax money that millions and millions of American citizens are coughing up for oil and gas? Another question we want answered: Many of us have been around the block and we know that fuel oil to heat our homes and diesel fuel always cost less than gasoline.  Why is that not the case today?

Call 3ll, get your confirmation # and ask to be connected to your congressman or senator.  You want to know where all that money is going.  Call, e-mail, write and demand answers and solutions now.

On a lighter and happier note, we all want to thank Senator Jeff Klein, the Waterbury LaSalle Community Association and Councilman Jimmy Vacca for their upbeat sponsoring of dance lessons for our young people and adults. Dancing is fun time and more of that in my next column.

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