Editorial: Stop the hate

Asian Hate
A compilation of hate crime data published by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, revealed that anti-Asian hate crime increased by 339% in 2021 compared to the previous year.
Photo Dean Moses

“Appalled.” “Furious.” Cowardly.”

These words have been printed in our media as we try to bring attention to the alarming increase of anti-Asian hate crimes in the Bronx and around New York City

But words alone are not enough. We hear residents and politicians alike condemn these crimes, but actions speak louder than words, and we need to take action and work to put an end to this bigotry.

In Queens, the NYPD’s Asian Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating a possible hate crime incident that occurred in Fresh Meadows last week, when an Asian American mother said she was spit at while holding her 2-year-old baby and called the ‘Chinese virus.’

So, how can we help put an end to these types of crimes? By standing together, supporting each other and condemning these acts.

Anyone who is the victim of a hate crime should report it to authorities. Far too often these crimes are underreported, and if victims don’t go to the police, they should feel comfortable bringing it to the attention of their local community boards or even their neighbors, who can join forces and help bring attention to these incidents, or even solve a case. After all, who knows the people in their neighborhoods better than the person who lives in your building, or who lives next door?

Only by reporting these crimes and making them public, can we begin to weed out the “bad eggs” and make a difference. Saying change is necessary doesn’t make it so; acting on those words does.

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