Happy birthday hip hop

Happy birthday hip hop|Happy birthday hip hop

Here’s the message: hip hop turned 46 on Sunday, August 11 and it’s all thanks to the Bronx.

That fateful day when DJ Kool Herc decided to loop and break a few funk tracks during a back to school party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue paved way to a global culture that’s grown and evolved from the Bronx.

Tag teaming alongside Grand Master Flash, Grand Master Caz, Melle Mel and the rest of The Furious Five and many more trailblazers, they were the ones that made the 1980s into a decade of hip hop and funk that spread worldwide.

After that regime of the genre’s founding fathers came other Bronx greats like Big Pun, who paved the way for Puerto Rican rappers to make their entry into rap during the 1990s.

It was also around that time that we all began to lean back whenever Fat Joe got on the mic, too.

Then Jenny from the Block began to dominate the charts in the 2000s while Swizz Beatz was producing some of the best, bumpin’ beats in all of hip hop.

Now Cardi B proudly reps the borough in her own conquest of the charts top spots week in and week out alongside much Bronx bred talent chasing similar.

This week alone, Amadeus, one of the biggest names in hip-hop production hit gold for his record ‘Take A Risk’ on Chris Brown’s album ‘Indigo.’

The Bronx is an all American hip hop hub that has started a culture and continues to influence a worldwide vehicle for music and for social change on a daily basis. Here’s to all of you for making and shaping hip hop and all of the sacrifices that came with it.

The birthplace of hip hop.
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