We proudly teamed-up with fellow staffers to do ‘some good’!

We proudly teamed-up with fellow staffers to do ‘some good’!|We proudly teamed-up with fellow staffers to do ‘some good’!
Silvio Pacifico|Silvio Pacifico

The Bronx Times Reporter was honored to join the entire Schneps Media Family while doing a great amount of good for the borough on Friday, August 2.

We proudly teamed up with City Meals in Hunts Point to package over 3,000 meals for hungry New Yorkers who don’t have access to a basic human needs.

While boxing these nutritious meals, I along with many on our human assembly lines began to reflect on the significance of giving back.

We tend to discuss where we’re going to eat our next meal, not when.

Just imagine that, being in a situation where you don’t know where your next source of food will come from.

Imagine in a city of over 8 million people not having someone to call on when you’re in need.

Now to me, that solitude and desperation is more than harrowing and its something I can’t imagine myself finding the resiliency to overcome.

It’s up to us to change that culture, it’s up to us to bring light into the darkness that many don’t even know creeps over so many of our neighbors.

Do something good today; help someone for no reason other than that it is in fact the right and proper thing to do.

There’s plenty of soup kitchens and charities in the five boroughs that need a helping hand.

Take some time to think about it, think about what simple things you can do daily to help someone that can’t help themselves.

Thank you Schneps Media for giving us this wake up call. Reminder that we have an obligation to be the best citizens we possibly can.

Remember, if you can save one life then you’ve saved a million.

Schneps Media volunteers packed lunches at City Meals distribution center in Hunts Point.
Silvio Pacifico