Column: ‘There’s strength in numbers’

The Bruckner Boulevard rezoning proposal made its way before the City Council on Sept. 7.
Photo Adrian Childress

Our next meeting will be on Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the First Lutheran Church on Hollywood and Baisley avenues. Our guests will be the staff from Ridgewood Bank. They will be speaking about ways to make your money grow. With the poor state of the economy and the increase in prices of everything it is crucial that we know how to make our money work for us. Of course, they will be bringing some giveaways as usual.

We have also asked that the captain of our precinct address our membership. Capt. Isaac Soberal has a special place in his heart for the Bronx as he grew up in our borough. I’ve read that he has the Bronx motto — Yield not to evil — tattooed on his body. He seems dedicated to our borough and is trying his best to maintain our quality of life even though our mayor has thrown roadblocks in the way of good policing.

As you know, it is difficult for us to get a firm commitment on scheduling but I can tell you that we are on his schedule for November and December. So, he will visit us as his schedule allows.

The Bronx Coalition Against Upzoning had a fundraiser at The Strand Beach Club. The use of this beautiful waterfront facility was donated as was the food. So, we would like to thank The Strand Beach Club, Barino’s Market, Patricia’s Restaurant, the Crosstown Diner and everyone that attended and donated. We raised almost $5,000, which has our total around $25,000. We are doing well but we still need your help. If you can donate even $10 or $20 it will be very much appreciated. Your donations are needed to preserve our quality of life by stopping the proposed Bruckner upzoning and any upzoning that may follow. We are now in the process of interviewing land use attorneys, as this along with engineering firms will be necessary in this fight. This is a very expensive process but we can do it if we do it together. If you can donate please make your check out to Bronx Coalition Against Upzoning and mail it to Waterbury LaSalle Community Association, 1145 Hobart Ave., Bronx NY 10461.

With your help we have garnered strong support from community groups, residents and politicians. Our new City Councilmember-elect Marjorie Velásquez, has stated that she is against the Bruckner upzoning. This is important because she has a heavy weighted vote in this. State Assemblyman Mike Benedetto has also said that he is against this upzoning.

Although Curtis Sliwa did not win the race for mayor, he attended our fundraiser, donated and committed his continued support. Curtis is a networker. He knows many people and organizations all over the city who are trying to fight upzoning. He will put us in touch with them so that we can work in unity toward our common goals of preserving our low-density communities throughout this city.  There is strength in numbers. Slowly but surely we will unleash a tsunami of strength against those who are determined to destroy our quality of life.

There are so many ways you can help. Many residents are organizing petition drives and rallies on their own. Debbie Teska is organizing the second car rally to be held on either Nov. 20 or 21. Cars will be lining up at 11 a.m. outside of Veteran’s Park to decorate their cars for the parade through the streets of our community. There are still residents that are unaware of this threat to our community. This very visible rally will inform them and will also let the developers know that we will fight this in every way possible. The confirmed date and details will appear in our next column.

Until then stay safe and stay involved.

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