Column: Striving for herd immunity as push for vaccinations

Stanislawa Cybulski, 82, a patient at The New Jewish Home, a nursing home facility, receives the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine from Walgreens Pharmacist Jessica Sahni in the Manhattan borough of New York City
REUTERS/Yuki Iwamura
On this week’s slate of constituent services and events we held two vaccination pop-up sites, one on Sept. 28, at 2510 Westchester Ave., and then another clinic on Wednesday on Zerega Avenue. Herd immunity is achievable and every additional vaccination reduces the likelihood of spread and serious infection. I implore the unvaccinated residents of District 13 to keep their eyes and ears open for future vaccination pop-up clinics.
I also will be, as I have in the past, co-sponsoring free SAT prep classes for District 13 high school students. In cooperation with Bronx House, this program provides college aspirants with practice exams and tutoring that includes test strategy and technique instruction. SAT prep has a demonstrable effect on the quality of scores and then of course the likelihood and quality of college admission. Please take advantage of this program by calling (718) 792-1800 to register. Every member of the district, borough and city deserves to have the extra boost up to college matriculation and future success.
For weeks and months our office has received complaints from Edgewater, Morris Park and Throggs Neck residents about excessive noise and loud music at late hours. My office and I take these quality-of-life disturbances extremely seriously, especially now that people have found themselves indoors more frequently during the pandemic and because of how integral sleep is to mental health. My office was then in contact with the 49th Precinct, who have issued 33 summonses and confiscated four vehicles: three cars and a motorcycle. We hope this issue is finally put to rest.
For assistance or questions from my constituent services division, please contact my district office at either or at (718) 931-1721. Thank you and stay safe. It is an honor to continue serving the 13th Council District and its superlative residents.

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