Column: Lawmakers responsible for crafting policy to keep us safe

Our inefficient ability to promptly identify and assess situational need disrupts societal equilibrium. These disruptions foster imbalance, which leads to quality of life effecting tipping points. 

Recent upticks in nuisance and criminal behaviors are related to lack of foresights and highlights the imperfections of humankind. Broken windows theory and implementation of subsequent policies serves as example. “Broken windows” is based on a hypothesis suggesting unaddressed visible signs of crime, maladaptive behaviors and civil-social disorder foster neighborhood decline. Decades ago, steady streams of uncontrollable crime brought fixated focus on broken windows theory. Research analysis implied aggressive policing methods were needed to reduce high levels of ungovernable crime. Perhaps, the need for stop-and-frisk methods to control widespread crime was warranted for limited periods. However, failure to amend aggressive police policy at appropriate times led to unsustainable prolonged use of intense law enforcement methods. The lack of foresight to implement timely modifications to stop-and-frisk led to states of intolerance and noticeable tipping points.

Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Law enforcement policies and related legislations have resulted in continual volleys of action and reaction. There is sequential linkage between high crime rates, broken windows theory/stop-and-frisk policing, lower crime rates, 2015 criminal justice reforms, current bail/discovery reforms, 2020 police policy reform, and recent spikes in nuisance and criminal behaviors. A major flaw, is our continued inability to accurately recognize points of needed intervention. It is clear, quality of life effecting nuisance and criminal behaviors are primary community concerns. It is time for lawmakers to institute commonsense middle ground reforms that promote quality of life along with faith in law enforcement and fairness in our criminal justice system. Lawmakers craft the laws which law enforcement and society must abide. Therefore, lawmakers have undeniable accountabilities for the undue stress and strain that accompanies ongoing neighborhood degradations. Emotion-laden dubious decisions turned our communities into playgrounds for disrespectful law-breakers. tipping points that changes these dysfunctional playgrounds into amusement parks for respectable law-abiding citizens is imminent. Effective policy is fair, balanced and sustainable. If not, prepare for tipping points and continuances of unsustainable actions and reactions synonymous with Newton’s third law.  

Our community has traditionally exhibited a “We are Family attitude.” Communicate, make that phone call, text message or email. Please check on family, friends and neighbors especially the elderly and vulnerable. Any area homeowner or renter interested in the Spencer Estate Civic Association attend our next meeting Wednesday, Dec. 15 7:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus or send an email to 

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