Column: Right to question the intent of the elites

Anti-War Protestors At The White House
Anti-War Protestors At The White House
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“Whose side are you on?” sounds like a schoolyard challenge. Increasingly, however, it’s a valid question Americans have been asking about the nation’s political, cultural and educational elites.

The unease is unlike the usual controversies arising from differences in opinion about specific issues. The leadership in Washington, Hollywood and university campuses are overtly eager to repudiate much of the founding principles upon which the U.S. was originated, and to intentionally miscast the past history and current character of the country.

Much of the citizenry sees the nation in a realistic light. They know that, against all odds, its founders established a nation that provided more freedom, prosperity and opportunity than anything that ever existed before. The citizenry also acknowledges that being human, the founders had flaws, which were endemic to the times in which they lived. Since the dawn of recorded history, the horrors of slavery, inequality in the treatment of women, and other wrongdoings were not just prevalent but universal. America moved to attack these vices, and for the most part succeeded, despite the propaganda of those who see political profit in race baiting and similar misdeeds.

Diminishing a successful constitutional form of government that has endured wars and depressions, and continues to champion the rights of the individual is not easy, so Progressives have adopted a divide and conquer strategy. They pit blacks against whites, women against men, young against the old. They cast aspersions on the institutions of protection, such as the police and the military. They weaken the structure of the Supreme Court and subject it to political threats. They assault religion and ensure its absence from the public square.

Even propagating falsehoods about the past and emphasizing every prior flaw while hiding every accomplishment is not likely to succeed in an environment of economic satisfaction. The prior four years produced more jobs for minorities than any other period in recent memory, and more economic benefits for the middle class and poor. Crucially, energy independence was achieved. Therefore, the Progressive goal of conquest by division was truly threatened, and the 45th President came under relentless attack, which eventually proved successful in preventing his re-election.

Since the onset of the current administration, the historically successful capitalist economy has been under attack, with numerous vast proposals to institute a government-centered milieu based on deficit spending. The reality that these proposals have clearly led to financial ruin and political repression is numerous; and just about all examples, whenever enacted anywhere throughout the globe, are largely ignored by key influencers.

The brilliance of an independent judiciary in preventing a loss of freedom and the maintenance of integrity in government does not fit in well with Progressive plans, so the concept of stacking the Supreme Court with partisan judges has become a leftist battle cry.

The demonstrable past success over rights-based, limited government and capitalist economics is inconvenient, as are the facts about powerful, centralized authority’s threat to personal rights. Therefore, discussion must be censored. At one time, freedom of speech was cherished by almost all. Currently, it is suppressed online and on campus.

Propaganda in education is not restricted to colleges. It is prevalent as early as the initial years of grammar school, where indoctrination into progressive ideology increases at the expense of basic subjects, even as American students fall behind their global peers.

For Progressives, the institution of a new political paradigm takes precedence over all else. The White House’s budget will include trillions for social welfare programs designed to buy votes, some thinly disguised as “human infrastructure,” but nothing additional for crucial items such as defense even as Russia and China prepare for military adventures on two continents. Raising taxes takes precedence over creating jobs and increased prosperity.

Constitutionalism or arbitrary government? Whose side are they on?

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