City Island coffee shop to feature a broad variety of films

City Island coffee shop to feature a broad variety of films
Photo courtesy of Jerry Landi

The Clipper Coffee Shop in City Island is introducing a new form of entertainment for patrons — movie night.

Since opening its doors in September 2018, the Clipper Coffee Shop, located at 247 City Island Avenue, has transformed into a community center hosting live art shows, karaoke night, and a used bookstore for booklovers.

“It’s more than just a caffeine fix,” said owner Peter Gennari. “It’s also a place where people can come and eat, hang out and meet their neighbors and that’s something we’ve never had before. The art and film are from local people and it’s great to highlight local people from the Bronx.”

The horror-comedy film, ‘Batraticus’ by City Island resident and filmmaker, Jerry Landi, will be featured at the shop on Saturday, November 9.

“We made the movie called ‘Clipper Coffee’ for the one-year anniversary and everyone said we should show movies here,” said Landi, who started managing the coffee shop with Gennaris. “We have a lot of creative people here in City Island and the Bronx.”

There will be a mix of horror, drama, comedy and documentaries, shown at least once a month, according to Landi. So far, seven filmmakers have agreed to screen their movies at the coffee shop.

Meanwhile, Alexander Evans, has been curating artwork for the Clipper Coffee Gallery for the past seven months. They’re preparing for their upcoming sixth art show, Evans said. “There was no dedicated space that anyone on City Island or anywhere in the Bronx could hang their work on a monthly basis for no upfront cost,” said Evans, who has been a loyal patron at the shop promoting business and creating a space for the community. “One of the great qualities of having an art gallery in a coffee shop is that you get to walk in and there are moments where a new show goes up and you’re surprised.”

The Clipper Coffee Gallery currently has various art displays, including sculptural wall hangings, embroidery and works crafted out of paper towel.

Local artists interested in showcasing their artwork in the upcoming Clipper Coffee Gallery show have until Friday, November 7 to submit 1 to 2 pieces of artwork. All submissions are welcomed from anywhere in the five boroughs and can be sent to:

Filmmakers interested in screening their films at the Clipper Coffee Shop can contact Jerry Landi at: