Bronxites vote overwhelmingly for Biden in this week’s presidential primary, as expected

Photo ET Rodriguez

More than 60,000 Bronxites came out to vote in the Presidential Primary Election on April 2 and preliminary results show that the vast majority of them voted for incumbent President Joe Biden in the Democratic race. 

In the four Congressional Districts represented in the Bronx’s Democratic Primary — CD 13, 14, 15, and 16 — Biden secured an average of about 92% of all 50,127 votes cast on April 2, according to unofficial state results. Current candidate and former President Donald Trump won the Republican Primary in the Bronx with an average of about 83% of the vote; however, only 10,459 people cast ballots in that race.

The Bronx leans heavily blue, with the majority of Bronx local and state races favoring Democrats on any given Election Day, so it’s consistent that more than 83% of all the people who voted on April 2 voted in Biden’s primary. The only recent race to shake the Democratic chokehold on the Bronx was in November 2023’s city election cycle — where City Council District 13 voters ousted Democratic incumbent Marjorie Velázquez and replaced her with Republican Kristy Marmorato. A rookie to politics, Marmorato became the first Republican elected to any public office since 2004 and the first sent to the City Council from the Bronx since 1983. 

But when it comes to national elections, Democrats are generally shoo-ins against Republicans in the Bronx.

Chart courtesy Camille Botello

The next time Bronxites will have the opportunity to cast their ballots will be for the 2024 federal, state and local primary election on June 25. Those races will be for state Assembly, state Senate and Congress. The deadline to register to vote in the June Primary Election either by mail or in person is on June 15. 

The general presidential election is on Nov. 5 this year and will most likely feature an all-too-familiar contest between Biden on the Democratic line and Trump on the Republican side. Historical trends and votes in the April 2 primary indicate that voters in CD 13, 14, 15 and 16 will overwhelmingly support Biden. The deadline to register to vote by mail or in person in the general election is Oct. 26.

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