Battery project enhances reliability to Con Edison customers on City Island

A battery project will enhance reliability to Con Edison customers on City Island.
Courtesy of Con Edison

Con Edison is bringing energy storage technology to City Island to improve reliability.

The battery system on a customer property at 220 City Island Avenue can provide 1 megawatt – or a million watts – to customers along the business strip. That will take stress off the Con Edison grid on hot summer days when electrical usage soars.

“Battery technology can help us accomplish several goals on behalf of our customers,” said Santee Hernandez, Con Edison’s project manager. “Power discharged from a battery when our customers need it the most means less demand on our electric-delivery equipment. And deploying batteries is another way we are leading the transition to a clean energy future.”

Under the demonstration project, GI Energy and Con Edison are able to choose customer locations where Con Edison’s analysis shows the electrical grid needs support. When Con Edison is not using the energy storage unit for grid support, GI Energy plans to dispatch power from the system into the wholesale market.

The project underwent an extensive safety review by the FDNY and the city Department of Buildings.

Battery storage will take on greater importance as the state increases the amount of renewable energy lighting homes and businesses, running vehicles and providing heating and cooling. That renewable energy will include 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind power.

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