YEAR IN REVIEW 2021 | Top 10: Tale of the tape

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In 2021, the Bronx Times began to ramp up its digital efforts focusing more of its time and energy on website activity, social media presence and timeliness in the way we convey news to our readers. In doing so, we relied on analytics to help inform us what our audience was interested in reading and what topics they tended to gravitate towards.

So we decided to rank our Top 10 stories of the calendar year using the traditional methodology — rankings by the Bronx Times editorial staff — versus rankings based solely on computerized analytics. There’s often a stark difference between what stories get the most “clicks” versus the stories that capture the most significance.

With that said, let’s begin our tale of the tape: analytics vs. editorial staff. Our findings may interest you or, in one case, even entertain. 

Top 10 stories (selected by analytics)

     1. “Crunching the COVID-19 numbers: Over 40 areas of NYC now at 70% fully vaccinated”, published on Aug. 9
     2. “FEMA to cover COVID-19 costs for NYC hospitals”, published on Sept. 16
COVID-19 dominated the 2021 headlines on, based on what stories readers chose to click on. Photo Adrian Childress
     3. “Not so purrfect: Animal advocates react to Yankees cat”, published on Aug. 11
     4. “Hochul’s COVID-19 death toll revision earns praise of NYC lawmakers, Cuomo critics”, published on Aug. 26
     5. “Hurdles still remain for sexual assault survivors who report”, published on Nov. 26
     6. “Thieves rob and slash employee at Family Dollar”, published on Nov. 11
     7. “NYCFC stadium deal for South Bronx in limbo”, published on July 28
     8. “Bronx continues to curb delta variant, falls behind NYC on vaccination efforts”, published on Oct. 18
     9. “18-year-old South Bronx man fatally shot in head and neck”, published on Jan. 11
    10. “30-year-old man shot dead in Soundview overnight”, published on March 10


Top 10 stories (selected by editorial staff)

1. “Bronx women of color highlight big election night wins”, published on Nov. 3
2. “Ex-NYC councilman, SEBCO founder accused of child sex abuse”, published on July 29
The tragic 1999 murder of a 13-year-old girl came full circle in 2021, when detectives using DNA were able to charge Joseph Martinez. Photo Adrian Childress
3. “Westchester man charged in 1999 cold case Co-op City murder of teen”, published on Nov. 29
4. “ADAMS’ APPLE! Eric Adams wins mayoral race by large margin”, published Nov. 2
5. “Elected officials warn New York City not ready for effects of climate change after Hurricane Ida triggers flash floods”, published on Sept. 3
6. “AG investigation expected in officer-involved shooting in West Bronx”, published on Sept. 1
7. “Suspect identified, reward offered in Pelham Gardens killing”, published on Aug. 6
8. “Fordham students rally for change against backdrop of sexual assault lawsuits”, published on Dec.
9. “Wakefield section sees COVID-19 case increase, city workers face mandate”, published on Nov. 3
10. “E-scooter pilot program launches, stirs up Pelham Parkway residents”, published on Aug. 19


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