Williamsbridge Center holds Great Gatsby event

Gatsby Photo 20s
Williamsbridge Center’s recreation staff, led by Sampson, far left, are dressed for the roaring 20’s Gatsby period. From left to right, Sampson, Alexis Torres, in the hat Kamal Browder and Emily de la Cruz holding the sign.
Courtesy of Williamsbridge Center

The 1920s roared back at Williamsbridge Center on Tomlinson Avenue this week as the Recreation Department dressed up like the characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 classic, “The Great Gatsby.”

From Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Jordan Baker, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, the staff talked about the book and played songs of those times, which brought smiles and laughter to the residents who remembered reading it when they were in school.

“It’s so healthy to remember and laugh at those times,” said Monique Sampson, recreation director at Williamsbridge Center.  “Especially these days when the world seems upside down, “The Great Gatsby” was a book of the times, even a classic read for today as well.”

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