Waterbury Lasalle

Our next meeting will be a seminar on fire safety on October 9, 7 p.m. at P.S. 14, Hollywood Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard.  We have invited Lt. Mancuso from FDNY to address our community.  He will speak about fire prevention and what to do if a fire occurs.  You will be given fire safety tips and ways to teach your children about fire safety.  Attendees will be given a free smoke detector so that your home will be safe.  We encourage you to attend this meeting and learn from the experts.  Remember, this meeting is open to the entire community so bring your neighbors.

Protest Rally

Attend our protest rally on Saturday, October 18, noon, at 3030 Middletown Road at the corner of Hollywood Avenue.  Please join us at a rally in protest of the proposed building at 3030 Middletown Road. 

Our quality of life is in danger!  When our government does not hear our collective voices, we must rally in protest.  We have asked for more parking, less building, more open space and DOB regulations that are enforced.  Our requests have fallen on deaf ears.  Now we have no choice but to protest and keep on protesting until our voices are heard and action is taken to protect our neighborhoods, our quality of life and our environment.  Overdevelopment must stop now!

The development at 3030 Middletown Road is unacceptable because it is too large and it does not provide enough parking.  We do not need more housing!  Already we have new homes that are vacant and foreclosed homes that have an uncertain future.  This decreases the value of every home in our entire community, not just Waterbury.

We need parking lots for our commercial district, parks, victory gardens, high quality stores and cultural institutions like museums, music conservatories and art centers.  City Planning has not done its job.  It lacked the foresight to plan for a healthy community.  This must change! 

The building at 3030 Middletown Road is a very special situation because not only is it contributing to our desperate problem with overdevelopment but it is bringing a predator of the worst kind to our community.  Jacob Selechnik, named one of NYC’s worst landlords, is a principal in this project.  His buildings have thousands of C class violations and he owes HPD close to $90,000 for correcting violations that he refused to correct.  He has abused thousands of people and now he is coming here.  HPD has the power to put him in jail until he complies with the law but they refuse to protect us from this predator!

Attend our protest rally and protect your property, your community and your quality of life! 


We need volunteers to distribute flyers for the protest rally.  It’s crucial that our entire community is aware of the situation.  The bigger the rally the more chance we have of succeeding at our goals.  Call me at (718) 792-6385 if you can help.

Atlantic City

Ee have planned a trip to Atlantic City for Tuesday, October 28.  From now on our trips will be the last Tuesday of each month.  We will provide the bagels and if you like you can bring a drink with you.

Please call Carol for your tickets at (718) 823-5593.  You are advised to call early as this is a community requested trip and the bus will fill up quickly.

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