Waterbury Lasalle Community Association

Our next membership meeting will be on April 23 at 7:30 p.m.  We will meet at P.S. 14 in the cafeteria.  Please remind your friends and neighbors of the change in our meeting date.

Our guest speaker will be Senator Klein.  He will be updating us on many important issues so please mark your calendars so that you will not miss this important meeting.

Senator Klein has been involved in the negotiations with St. Barnabas Hospital to keep Westchester Square Hospital open.  He will inform us of the latest news on this important effort.

The other hospitals in our area will be dangerously overcrowded if Westchester Square Hospital closes.  This impacts every person in every community in this area.  Your attendance at this meeting will show your concern.  Remember, you do not have to be a member or live in Schuylerville to attend this meeting.  Everyone is invited!

The senator will also discuss his effort to defeat the group home that is proposed to open in Waterbury Estates.  He has been working very hard on our behalf.  He will update us on the details of the most recent meeting with OMRDD and the state officials.  The wasteful spending of our tax dollars on a home that grossly overpriced is unacceptable.  Also, the proposed residents of this home come from another area of the city and will be taken away from their friends, family and all that they are familiar with.  This makes no sense for the residents or our community.  We invite you to come to the meeting and discuss this important issue with the Senator.

Senator Klein has a great graffiti clean-up program.  Many of you have used his hotline at (888) 884-1444 to call in graffiti.  Recently, we have noticed a new problem in our effort to rid our community of this blight.  While graffiti at street level has lessened, graffiti on second floor facades has increased greatly.  Come to the meeting to find out how the Senator plans to combat this.

In the last year our association has received many complaints of very long wait times to be admitted to the residence at Middletown Road Senior Center.  We’ve done some research and we think we know what is happening.  This problem will be discussed and we will ask the Senator to intervene on behalf of our community.  If you know someone that is on the waiting list for this residence, it is imperative that you tell them to attend this meeting.

Other issues that will be discussed are the proposed cuts to bus routes in our area, parking problems and aggressive meter maids.  Of course, we want you to bring your questions and ideas to be discussed with Senator Klein.  There will be plenty of time to discuss individual problems.  We hope to see you at this important meeting.

CPR Workshop

Our June 11 meeting will be a free CPR workshop.  You will receive instruction from members of the fire department, a half-mannequin to practice on and a video to refresh your memory the CPR instruction will learn at this meeting.  There are only 20 seats.  Please come to the next membership meeting on April 23 to register.

Special Election

On Tuesday, April 21 there will be a special election for Bronx Borough President.  It is of utmost importance that you get out to vote. 

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