Watch amNY TV: El Gauchito in Queens serving Argentinian flavors for four decades


In business for more than 40 years, El Gauchito restaurant, with locations in Corona and Fresh Meadows, Queens, has been offering an incredible taste of Argentina to generations of customers.

Along with many other restaurants across the city, the COVID-19 pandemic has spelled out a full cut of challenges for the eateries, according to owner Marcello Civelli. 

He said that about three-fourths of his Argentinian business comes from his restaurant while only the other quarter comes from El Gauchito’s attached butcher shop. While closed to dine-in customers, it does offer delivery or takeout options, giving Queens residents a chance to enjoy their amazing food from the comfort of home.

Concerned for his staff, Civelli has found ways to have his employees handle pickup and delivery orders temporarily, though he doesn’t know what the future will hold as far as staffing goes over the next few weeks.

In order for his business to return to its normally booming ways, Civelli said, “it’s fundamental to get this going,” speaking on restaurants being allowed to reopen. 

Watch this video about El Gauchito on amNY TV to find out what makes this restaurant so special — and a destination to visit once they reopen for diners.


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