Vacca secures new van

Vacca secures new van
Photo courtesy of Councilman Vacca’s office

Councilman Jimmy Vacca has helped some people with autism get some much needed transportation.

After learning about the need for a new van at Quality Services for the Autism Community’s Bronx Day Habilitation program in Morris Park, he was able to provide $40,000 in funding through his capital budget to buy the new van.

The van, which seats about 12 persons, will be used to transport QSAC clients from their program at 1968 Eastchester Road to and from activities, meetings, and appointments, among other necessary functions.

“I was thrilled to provide funding to purchase this much-needed van for QSAC,” said Vacca. “No one with autism should be prevented access to the essential services that QSAC provides, and now, this van will allow even more residents to benefit from their terrific programs.”

In the Bronx, the other boroughs, and on Long Island, QSAC is at the forefront of providing services for both children and adults, according to Vacca’s office.

Their programing works together with the families of their clients, according to the QSAC website, and helps them with “achieving greater independence, realizing their future potential, and contributing to their communities in a meaningful way by offering person-centered services.”

With one in 88 children now afflicted with autism, QSAC pursues its mission through “direct services that provide a supportive and individualized setting for children and adults with autism to improve their communication, socialization, academic, and functional skills.”

The organization’s executive director, Gary Maffei, expressed his gratitude to Vacca for his help with the purchasing the van.

“We are grateful for the continued support Councilmember Vacca has provided QSAC and our clients,” he said. “If it weren’t for Councilmember Vacca’s funding, we would not be able to afford the purchase of a much needed van.”

He added: “Our programs have and continue to grow, so this van will allow us to ensure we can and will continue to meet the ever growing demand for access to our programs.”

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