Throggs Neck Merchant Association provides updates on community

Throggs Neck Merchants Swears In New Board
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Many Throggs Neck residents have noticed that local businesses are gouging prices and some of them are getting a bad rap on social media and receiving tickets from the city.

There is a misconception that the merchants are responsible for the increased prices, when it was the suppliers who were upping the prices. In order to break even, the owners had to raise charge more.

Dave Flannery, who has owned Flannery Hardware Inc. at 3395 E. Tremont Ave., for 35 years, faced backlash when people thought his prices were too high. He bought gloves and masks, which were expensive, so he put a small markup. People were enraged and some even videotaped him inside.

“His efforts to help the community backfired,” said Richard Rosario, president of the TN Merchants. “We don’t want anyone price gouging.”

Rosario questions why the shoppers didn’t ask him why the prices were higher, instead of mouthing off. He noted that Flannery has donated hundreds of gloves and masks to first responders.

Rosario said another resident also griped about a dozen eggs being six bucks at S & W Supermarket, 4028 E. Tremont Ave., but after speaking with the owner, discovered they were 18 eggs and organic. He said they were probably all that was left, as eggs are flying off the shelves.

The following are other updates from the Throggs Neck Merchants Association:

Throggs Neck Volunteer Ambulance

TNVA Chair Erika Newsome said the volunteer organization is available to help during the crisis and are in need of donations.

Unlike NYC EMS, they can take people outside of the Bronx, to places like New Rochelle or Bronxville. Also, they are no working 10 a.m. to midnight and helping FDNY if needed.

Due to COVID-19, they missed a large Bingo fundraiser in March and a spring health fair in April.

Little League

Throggs Neck Little League President Frank Eisley told the Bronx Times the season is delayed and hopes to begin in June or July, but it’s looking more like September or October. Also, they have plans to hold a round robin softball tournament with first responders, EMT, and NYPD.

Jay Bertin and Philip Kawesch., owners of A Counseling & Psychotherapy, 3612 E Tremont Ave, which is offering video and phone therapy.Photo courtesy Jay Bertin

Mental Health

A Counseling & Psychotherapy, 3612 E Tremont Ave, is offering video and phone therapy. Founder and Co-Director Jay Bertin they have been using Zoom, Factime and Skype. With rising medical bills, unexpected funerals, isolation and depression,  the need is still there.

“It does help,” he said. People need to talk. It’s certainly been an adjustment to not have people come in the office.”


Patrick Caruso from Community Board 10 sent out an invitation to all the bars and restaurants in the CB 10 service area, asking if they want to be part of CB10 and TN Merchants initiative of Take-out Tuesday/Take-out-Today initiative in order to jump-start business.

These are the participating restaurants:

  • Applebees, 815 Hutchinson River Pkwy.;
  • Cestra’s Pizza, 3617 E. Tremont Ave.;
  • Caridad Williamsbridge, 1436 Williamsbridge Rd.;
  • City Island Diner, 304 City Island Ave.,
  • City Island Seafood Shack, 2049 Williamsbridge Rd.,
  • Crosstown Diner, 2880 Bruckner Blvd.,
  • Havana Café, 3151 E. Tremont Ave.,
  • Jimmy’s Bronx Café-Acri, 1315 Commerce Ave.,
  • Jimmy Ryan’s, 3005 Middletown Rd.,
  • Legendary Bar & Grill, 3513 E. Tremont Ave.,
  • PARQ, 4001 E. Tremont Ave.,
  • Patricia’s Restaurant, 3883 E. Tremont Ave.,
  • Red Lobster, 2049 Bartow Ave.,
  • Tony’s Pier, 1 City Island Ave.,
  • Tosca Marquee, 4034 E. Tremont Ave.;
  • Vistamar Restaurant, 565 City Island Ave.

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