Throggs Neck Community Action

Take out your Shamrocks and green berets as St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Test your knowledge with our St. Patrick’s Day quiz:

1. The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the USA was celebrated in:


B. Boston

C. Chicago

2. St. Patrick’s Day has become a very popular celebration; especially in America. What is one theory as to why this is true?

A. It occurs just before the first day of Spring

B. It is a prelude to Easter

C. St. Patrick’s Day promotes the drinking of beer

On behalf of TNCAP, we wish all members of the community a happy, healthy St. Patrick’s Day! Before the celebrations begin remember that driving while impaired puts everyone on the road in danger. According to www.stopimpaireddriving.orgin 2007 alone, 91 people were killed in vehicle crashes with a BAC of .08 or higher during St. Patrick’s Day.Please follow these tips to ensure a happy and safe holiday for everyone:

• While making celebration plans arrange to have a Designated Driver!

• Remember DO NOT rely on coffee to sober up yourself or your guests. Only TIME can make you sober!

• Beer and Wine are just as intoxicating as hard liquor.

• If you see someone who is obviously intoxicated behind the wheel do not hesitate to CALL the POLICE or 911!

With spring and warm weather right around the corner the Throggs Neck Skate Park will be packed with youth and adults skating the afternoons away. TNCAP would like to send a big thank you to the NYC Parks Department for all of their efforts to maintain and keep the skate park safe and clean for everyone.

Quiz Answers: 1) B, 2) A


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