Column: The State of the Union Biden doesn’t want you to hear

Residents wait in line at a Covid-19 mobile testing site in the Times Square neighborhood of New York, U.S., on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021.
Photo Jeenah Moon, Getty Images

President Biden recently delivered his belated State of the Union address. As every president does, he attempted to provide a rosy picture of his young administration’s accomplishments in dealing with challenges.

Far more than any of his predecessors since the end of the Second World War, however, his record in both foreign and domestic affairs is bleak, even disastrous. He tacitly acknowledged this previously when he pleaded with the media to give him even more favorable coverage. It is also evident in his personal reluctance to respond to press inquiries, and press secretary Jen Psaki’s minimal responses to questions she finds uncomfortable.

A thoroughly transparent and accurate recitation of the true State of the Union would not be pleasant.

Russia has invaded Ukraine. China is threatening Taiwan more aggressively than ever. Iran is closer to developing nuclear weapons. The Taliban is parading around Afghanistan in captured American weapons.

Moscow now has a larger nuclear arsenal, thanks to an agreement penned during the Obama-Biden administration. Beijing has a larger Navy, and prior American attempts to catch up are not progressing due to the refusal of the president’s party to agree to adequate military funding. Both have the proven capability to destroy American satellites, potentially leaving the Pentagon deaf, dumb and blind. Both have hypersonic missile capabilities Washington lacks.

The nation’s reputation endured a massive black eye from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In response to all this, Biden originally presented a defense budget that cut the military’s purchasing power by 3%.

The southern border is open, and hundreds of thousands of illegals, including COVID-positive individuals, members of criminal cartels, human traffickers, and terrorists are among the many others storming into the nation.

At home, criminals are running amok, devastating American cities. Much of this is due to unrealistic and radical policies regarding bail and incarceration that Mr. Biden tacitly agrees with. Excessively lenient policies have reversed the hard work and solid achievements that took decades to attain.

The U.S. budget is, if it were a private organization, bankrupt. Not only has that deeply troubling fact been ignored by the current White House, but a vast amount of additional debt has been piled on top of it.

Inflation is devastating the lives of the American people, a direct result of the current White House’s policies.

The educational system, despite ever increasing funding, produces poor results, with student competency rates in key areas declining. Instead of concentrating on fundamentals, schools push sexual, cultural and political propaganda. When parents complain, they are labelled terrorists by the Biden Justice Department.

That same Department of Justice continues to turn a blind eye towards the blatant violations of the law by Hillary Clinton and the Biden family. It ignores the wrongdoing of Adam Schiff when he assured Americans that he had evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, which it has now been conclusively proven that nothing of the sort occurred and no such evidence ever existed.

Race relations continue to be tense. Much of that is due to the eagerness of the president and his party to encourage hostility as a way to gin up their base, and to push a narrative of “systemic racism” even when there is not a single law or regulation that permits racism.

Mr. Biden’s signature issue is his stated determination to fight COVID. He and his party conveniently forget that, when the Trump administration banned travel from China when the pandemic began, they called him “xenophobic.” When the Trump White House developed a vaccine in record time, many in the Biden’s party claimed that it was unsafe or ineffective and discouraged its use.

Mr. Biden promised to defeat COVID. There were more COVID deaths during the first year of his administration than in 2020. Fortunately, thanks to the vaccine developed by the prior administration, that crisis is finally winding down.

A State of the Union admission of these issues, and a promise to change course, would go a long way in restoring Americans’ faith in their government.

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