The Bronxer returns from hiatus; big things are yet to come

The Bronxer in Hunts Point.
Courtesy of Alex Rivera

The Bronxer is back. After spending a year in hiatus, the borough’s beloved Alex Rivera will be resuming his photographic and visually artistic passions in full fledge and full force over the upcoming months.

“I’ve been working a 9 to 5 job and it’s been very constraining. It felt like I was being paid to not live up to what I am capable of,” the Bronxer said. “I was getting anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to create and more so that’s why I’m coming back,” he continued.

Possibly known best for his elevated drone captured images like Third Avenue cross streets, Baychester Bay, and even the 174th Street Bridge, what’s coming for the Bronxer could be his most down to earth project yet.

Called “Section 8 Entrepreneur,” The Bronxer is completing a multimodal, film merchandise, and visual art project about what life is like growing up in a modern version of this historic borough with the collaborative assistance of fellow talented photographer and Bronxite, Adiana Rivera.

The Bronxer is also planning on expanding his artistic horizons, introducing new styles of projects that involve acrylic painting on canvas as well as what he described as another massive film project that is, of course ‘heavily Bronx based.’

That’s in addition to a planned visual art show that’s in the works.

“The future is going to be exciting, stay tuned for more, much more.” he said.

If you want to meet The Bronxer in person then head to the Bronx Book Festival at Fordham Plaza at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 8.

One of The Bronxer’s iconic skyline shots.
Courtesy of Alex Rivera

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