Two Writers Bring Holiday Shopping To Homeless Bronx Women

With the help of over 20 volunteers, and partnerships with non-profit organization Heeling Soles and Empress Varnado on behalf of Making a Difference, Period, Blagrove and Williams were able to serve the women of SAMMON Build with a one-of-a-kind holiday shopping experience they’ll never forget!
Photo courtesy of the Pop-Up Care Shop

In an effort to help those in need of some holiday cheer, writers Kadia Blagrove and Kydee Williams created a new way of giving back to the homeless women and children of the SAMMON Build shelter with the ‘Pop-Up Care Shop’, a shop of donated goods, on Saturday, December 10.

The center’s gymnasium was transformed into a stylish boutique decorated with pink and white balloons, a shoe display and several racks of donated clothing.

Writers Kydee Williams (l) and Kadia Blagrove brought holiday cheer and great gift ideas to SAMMON Build shelter women.
Photo courtesy of the Pop-Up Care Shop

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