Svhuyler Hill Civic Association

Schuyler Hill Civic Association, in keeping with its long tradition, hosted their annual Summer Olympics on Saturday, August 23.

The day’s events were coordinated by Bob Kurz, president, beginning at noon and continued until 6 p.m., providing all the members with a fun-filled day. The events included: running and swimming races, orange gathering, egg throwing, sponge and bucket game, cupcake decorating contest, pie eating and watermelon eating contests, tug of war, etc.

As part of the festivities, the children received a bag of chips, soda, iced tea and watermelon.

The Cupcake Decorating Contest brought out the creativity in the children, with their creative cupcake designs being judged in several categories. The judges had a very difficult time selecting the winners because all the children came up with so many different and beautiful designs. But, after carefully looking at the many designs, the judges selected the following winners: Prettiest: Stacey Grossman and Natalie Wenzell; Funniest: Nathan Wade and Joshua Aulet; Original: Grace Mutze and Helen Galioto; and Scariest: John Riggio and Juliana Aulet.

An unexpected event took place, whereas Bob Kurz was presented with an award as a token of appreciation for his over 30 years of service to the club.

The award ceremony took place after the completion of the events, at which time the winners of the various events received trophies, medals, toys, candy, or cash prizes.

Many thanks to the following people for making our Summer Olympics a tremendous success by helping with the preparation and running of the various events: Elizabeth and Nicolas Cordero, Larry Grossman, Kevin Callan, Celeste and Mike Pry, JoAnne Arnott, Mary and Wayne Peters, Elaine Wenzell, Walter and Terry Wade, Mike Powers, Cathy Muzte and anyone else that helped.

Following are the list of winners:

Boys Running

3 & 4 Year Olds: 1st place, Larry Labbate; 2nd place, Josephine Kinlan; 3rd place, Natasha Roque.

4 & 5 Year Olds: 1st place, Ethan Bates; 2nd place, Kevin Peters.

6 & 7 Year Olds: 1st place, Matthew Wenzell; tied for 2nd place, Brendan Mullins and Anthony Callan.

8 Year Olds: 1st place: Alex Grossman; 2nd place, Joe Scaduto.

9 & 10 Year Olds: 1st place, John Riggio; 2nd place, Gabriel Bates.

13 & 14 Year Olds: 1st place, Jordan Rodriquez; 2nd place, Nicoles Gordero

Men’s Running

1st place, L. Galiato; 2nd place, Larry Grossman; 3rd place, Kevin Callan.

Girls Running

4 & 5 Year Olds: 1st place, Grace Labatte; 2nd place, Alexis Roque.

6 & 7 Year Olds: 1st place, Natalie Wenzell; 2nd place, Stesha Grossman.

8 Year Olds: 1st place, Julia Bates; 2nd place, Danielle Peters.

9 & 10 Year Olds: 1st place, Ariel Wenzell; 2nd place, Brittany Peters; 3rd place, Helen Galito.

11 & 12 Year Olds: 1st place, Neyshadah Kenney; 2nd place, Kaitlin Brennan.

Women’s Running

1st Place, Mary Peters; 2nd place, Kathleen Mutze; 3rd place, Joan Callan.

Mixed Swimming

5 & 6 Year Olds: 1st place, Kevin Peters; 2nd palce, Stesha Grossman; tied for 3rd place, Gracy Mutze and Alexis Wenzell.

7 & 8 Year Olds: 1st place, Paule Mutze; 2nd place, Matthew Wenzel.

Men’s Swimming

1st place, Paul Mutze; 2nd place, Larry Grossman; 3rd place, L. Galioto.

Girls Swimming

7 & 8 Year Olds: 1st place, Danielle Peters; 2nd place, Natalie Wenzel.

9 & 10 Year Olds: 1st place, Ariel Wenzell; 2nd place, Brittany Peters; 3rd place, Helen Galioto.

11 & 12 Year Olds: 1st place, Kaitlan Brennan; 2nd place, Caitlin Aulet.

13 & 14 Year Olds: 1st place, Crystall Wenzell.

Watermelon Eating Contest

6 & Under: Nathan Wade and Stesha Grossman.

7 to 12 Year Olds: Brittany, Ariel Wenzell and Mike Dipenta.

Adult Men: Walter Wade

Adult Women: Elaine Wenzell, Jean Powers and Carol Brennan.

Sponge And Budget

6 & Under: Kevin Peters, Grace Mutze, Nicole Grossman and Natasha Roque.

7 & 8 Year Olds: Matthew Wenzell, Atnhony Callan, Julia Bates and Danielle Peters.

9 to 12 Year Olds: Brittany Peters, Ariel Wenzell, Kaitlin Brennan and Neyshadali Kenney.

Egg Throwing Contest

Adult: Luci Ann and Larry Grossman

6 & Under: Juliana Aulet and Grace Mutze.

7 to 12 Year Olds: Natalie Wenzell and Kaitlin Brennan.

Pet Eating Contest

5 & Under: Lawrry Labbate and Kevin Peters.

8 & Under: Joe Scaduto.

10 & Under: Brittany Peters.

12 & Under: Caitlin Aulet

Adult Men: Bob Aulet.

Orange Gathering Contest

First Set: 1st place, Brittany Peters, Kaitlin Brennan and Ariel Wenzell; 2nd place, Caitlin Brown and Danielle Peters; 3rd place, Nicolas Brennan and Matthew Wenzell.

Second Set: 1st place, Stesha Grossman and Danielle Peters; 2nd place, Kevin Callan and Grace Mutze; 3rd place: Mike Powers and Peter Wheeler.

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