Spencer Estate Civic Association

A visit from Senator Jeff Klein to our October meeting proved more than fruitful. The senator issued a call to action. It seems that the American Indian is pulling the wool over our eyes regarding the sale of cigarettes, where millions of tax dollars are not collected. The senator said he is seeking ways to divert the monies especially now that our state treasury is low. A noble endeavor, but remember Custer.

Sub-prime mortgages also have the senator’s attention. Too many people are being foreclosed, which together with the whole housing debacle is the cause for our present economic collapse.

On a more pleasant note, the senator set forth dates in November and December for free Italian cooling classes. Call (800) 718-2036 to register. The senator cited our victory to keep a liquor store out of Ampere Avenue.Term limits were discussed with strong opposition both ways. Meetings are held the third Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

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