Soundview Houses native a popular sneaker collector

Soundview Houses native a popular sneaker collector|Soundview Houses native a popular sneaker collector
Professional basketball player Kyrie Irving withy sneaker collector and designer Terrel Marcus. Marcus met Irving after showcasing variations of his popular Nike sneaker line.
Photo courtesy of Terrel Marcus

A top rate Nike sneaker collector is bringing delight to a growing number of fans.

Soundview Houses native Terrel Marcus has gained a large social media following for his custom designs of Nikes using a product called Nike iD, and for a large sneaker collection estimated to be over 300 pairs.

Marcus will be participating in the Solexchange National Sneaker Convention at the Meadowlands Exposition Center on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28.

“I never took the time out to count, but it is more about quality over quantity for me,” said Marcus of his collection in an interview with

He told the Bronx Times that he has a special affinity for Air Jordan models and for designing his own custom sneakers based on the Nike’s Kyrie Irving basketball shoes.

Marcus’ appreciation for Nike sneakers goes back to his youth when he was growing up in Soundview.

One of his siblings also played a role in sparking his interest, said Marcus. His older brother was especially interested in Air Jordan sneakers.

“A lot of people when we were growing up would wear Nike sneakers on and off the court,” Marcus said, adding that he believes that today Kyrie Irving’s sneakers are an example of this kind of sneaker wearing, working well either in motion or not.

Marcus now sees himself as an ambassador for Nike products, he said, and he enjoys adding his own color and texture schemes to their products using Nike iD, as well as participating in company design contests.

His social media following is growing, and he can be found on Instagram at ‘tmarkgotkickss,’ he said.

According to Marcus, his connoisseurship of Kylie Irving sneakers even brought a follow on Instagram from the basketball star himself.

“He has a lot of fans, and a lot of people like his shoes,” said Marcus of Irving, explaining that he believes that having an athlete’s name on a sneaker is another way for fans to connect with their favorite sports stars.

He said that he is such a big booster of the Cleveland Caviler’s star’s sneaker label that several of his collection fans have told him that his designs on the Kyrie 2 model are the reason that they wear the sneaker.

“I got a lot of compliments, especially on social media,” he said, adding “If I wear a pair, people will stop and ask me about them.”

The Solexchange National Sneaker Convention, this weekend, will feature a total of 25,000 rare pairs of sneakers that will be showcased at the convention or be up for sale and trade, according to event promoters.

In addition to the rare sneakers, NBA Slam Dunk legend Spud Webb is scheduled to appear on Saturday, August 27 from 2 to 3 p.m.

For more information about the convention, and to purchase tickets, visit

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Terrel Marcus is a sneaker collector who has a very large following on social media.
Photo courtesy of Terrel Marcus
Photo courtesy of Terrel Marcus

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