Samuel Young Legion Post 620

Hello all!

First off, congratulations to Colleen McCarthy on her elevation to Bronx County Commander. She’s a tireless worker and this was much deserved. So, congrats.

The Flag Retirement Ceremony was well attended and went off without a flaw.

The next function will be a BBQ at the VA Hospital. It’ll be after the 4th of July holiday so stay tuned to this column.

This next from the above mentioned Colleen. The VA is reaching out to veterans to help keeping them from defaulting on their home loans. Depending on a vets circumstances, the VA loan counselors can intercede with the borrower on the veteran’s behalf to pursue options–such as repayment plans, forbearance, and loan modifications-that would allow a vet to keep his or her home. Call the VA toll free to get a financial advisor at 1-877-827-3702. Info about VA’s home loan guaranty program can be obtained at

OK this is a short column. Hope every one had a great Father’s Day.

Trivia time!!

The Pelham Bay Library opened on June 16, 1976.

June 17, 1775, saw the Battle of Bunker Hill. Anyone remember which war?

On the same date in 1972, the Watergate break-in occurred.

The Rosenberg’s were executed on June 19, 1953.

Freedomland opened on the same date in 1960.

What do you get from a pampered cow?  Spoiled milk.

What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?  A nervous wreck.

How are a Texas tornado and a Tennessee divorce the Same?  Somebody’s going to lose a trailer.

Alright, I hear you. Enough already. Keep the troops in your prayers, take a vet to lunch and God bless.

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