Samuel Young Legion Post 620

Hello all!

My Boosters are hosting a Halloween Party on Friday, October 31 at 8 p.m. Costumes are a must. Cost is $10 per person with prizes for 1st and 2nd best dress ups. Bring a dish of food or dessert. Cash bar.

The post is having a yard sale on Saturday, October 25. It goes from noon to 3 p.m. Donations of serviceable, workable items are encouraged.

Again we’re gearing up for our annual Holiday visit to the VA Nursing Home. This takes place Sunday, November 16th . We are accepting donations of books, cards, paper, pens, puzzles, video tapes and CDs. Just drop them off at the Ericson Place entrance to the Post. We’ll take it from there.

Remember our food drive for the Love Kitchen at St. Pete’s in the Square. Non-perishable stuff only.

There is an amendment being placed on the ballot to allow disabled vets to get preference on Civil Service tests, even if they’re not collecting disability benefits. This is the big change. Prior to this , a vet had to be collecting and it was not fair to the disabled folks who were not collecting benefits. It’s on the ballot, so on Election Day go vote for it.

Get ready for the Veterans’ Day Parade. In past years the number of people turning out for the Parade was abysmal.

There were more people marching than watching. C’mon, they served. Show some more support this year. Okay, you’ve been chastised now do the right thing.

Trivia Time!!

October 1, 1962, saw James Meridith enter the University of Mississippi.

October 3, 1995, Saw O.J. come out not guilty.

The Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series, at 3:43 p.m. October 4, 1955.

Sputnick was launched October 4. 1957.

Keep the troops in your prayers, take a vet to lunch and God bless.

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