Ronnie Magro of Jersey Shore fame opens MP store

Ronnie’s Shore Store is open for business. James Gisondi flashes one of the many items inspired and created by Jersey Shore cast mate Ronnie Magro.
Photo by David Cruz

This is a “shore” bet.

Ronnie Magro of “Jersey Shore” fame has opened a store on Morris Park, bringing his Smush brand apparel with him.

“Ronnie’s Shore Store” at 1084 Morris Park Avenue drew a big crowd of fans when it opened May 19. Cops from the 49th Precinct were brought in for crowd control in anticipation of the store’s opening.

Equipped with hardwood floors, dance music and episodes of the show, the brick and mortar store sells merchandise related to the fist-bumping, no-nonsense partygoer. Shirts with familiar Jersey Shore lines like “I’m Done” and “Come at me Bro” line the store. And at every turn one can find the Smush brand logo.

“Designing Smush Brand apparel clothing line is another way to express my artistic side,” said Magro, 26.

The fist-bumper signed autographs, took pictures and spent time with fans waiting in line to see him. One fan, Sarah Pitt, became so excited she needed to be escorted off the line. But Magro didn’t shun her. He happily took pictures with her and welcomed her to the store any time of day.

“We put her picture at the front of the store,” said manager James Gisondi, a family friend and business partner of Magro’s father.

Gisondi has known Ronnie since he was 14 years old, living in the working class area of Van Nest, by Garfield Street and White Plains Road.

“He’s the same person he was when he was working with us,” assured Gisondi, referring to Magro’s family-run real estate business that Magro used to work at.

But Magro’s business acumen is geared towards selling what he called the Smush brand, his second clothing line that specializes in beach apparel.

He enlisted the help of his family, who were eager to jump in.

“Who do you trust, but family and lifelong friends?” asked Magro. Among the employees is his cousin Mike Scarpetta, 23, who’s staying there for the long run.

On top of Smush brand, the store will also sell “Ron-Ron” juice, a non-alcoholic drink that comes in various flavors. Magro’s business team is aiming to sell the juice to Walmart and CVS chains.

Gisondi said Magro plans to branch out, setting up more stores so that the Bronx location will soon be the “flagship store”.

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