Pre-School Teacher Found Dead in Baychester Family Home

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A Baychester woman, Anndrea Caruth, was found dead in the basement of her family home on Wednesday, January 6 at approximately 3 a.m. according to NYPD.

Her father William Caruth, 61, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter and murder in the second degree.

Lincoln Grant, Anndrea’s long time boyfriend of 10 years told law enforcement that Anndrea and her father had a tense relationship. It is suspected that the animosity stemmed from financial disagreements.

Anndrea was five months pregnant and was expecting to give birth to her first child this May.

The 39-year-old mom-to-be ran a day-care center out of her home at 3242 Corsa Avenue, called ‘Kiddie College’ which neighbors refer to as a preschool of excellent quality.

Grant lived in the house with Anndrea on the second floor and her father lived in a basement apartment.

The day-care center was on the ground floor.

Grant became worried after she didn’t return home on Sunday and called 911 to report her missing Monday morning.

After questioning the father and boyfriend, police became suspicious of William and searched the house with canines, which were able to locate the body hidden underneath the concrete floor of a closet in William’s room.

The concrete had been broken up and then covered lamely by boards.

The attempt to conceal the body was aided by soundproofing installed to muffle the commotion from the day-care upstairs.

The manner of death has been deemed a homicide by the NYC Chief Medical Examiner and the cause of death was found to be ligature strangulation and blunt impacts to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries.

Mark Williams has lived across the street from Anndrea for 43 years.

He recalls seeing her walk up and down the street with kids from her day care, and says the business was good for the neighborhood.

“It’s pretty quiet here, that’s why it’s so surprising… it kind of kills the innocence of the block,” said Williams, “The entire neighborhood is in shock.”

Community Board 12 chairman Richard Gorman stated that crimes like this highlight the need for the 47th Precinct and additional offices.

“Whenever there is a murder it means if one person isn’t safe no one is safe. This was a tragic way to start off the New Year,” said Gorman.

Gorman believes things have gotten “a whole lot better” since a spike of violence two years ago, which was addressed by the police department and the 47th.

“NYPD will be out there,” said Gorman, “If anyone has any information that can help the police, please speak up. Getting people capable of these things off our streets is to everyone’s benefit.”

Anndrea was described by many who knew her as kind and selfless.

Friends and family set up a memorial in front of the family home with messages of love and sorrow to the deceased and her unborn baby.

Children who attended the Kiddie College lit candles and wrote a card to “Ms. Caruth” saying they will miss her.

William Caruth will appear in court in the coming weeks. He is currently being held without bail.

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