Pope cookies offered by Artuso Bakery

Come one, come all to get your Pope Francis cookies just in time for His Holiness’ stateside visit!

The legendary Artuso Pastry shop, located at 670 E. 187th Street, is bringing back its popular Pope Francis cookies just as the pontiff embarks on his historical United States trip next Tuesday, September 22.

His Holiness is set to arrive in New York City on the evening of Thursday, September 24 during which he will hold Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Natalia Corridori, Artuso Pastry manager, explained the pope cookie originated in 2008 when Artuso Pastry had a stand at the old Yankee Stadium during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to hold Mass there.

“While we were there, we came up with this idea to sell a ‘pope cookie’ because we used to sell cookies with Yankee players faces on them,” she said.

Corridori said Artuso Pastry first made cookies with Pope Benedict’s image on them and sold over 200 of these cookies in less than a hour.

When Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement, Artuso decided to bring back the popular cookie, which repeated its earlier success.

Cooridori added that following Pope Francis’ election, a new pope cookie depicting His Holiness was created and proved extremely popular with patrons.

With Pope Francis’ visit soon approaching, Artuso Pastry has brought back this cookie to mark the occasion.

“I’ve seen people’s faces light up whenever they see the Pope Francis cookies and there is no greater feeling than seeing how much excitement and joy a product you create can make in a person’s life,” said Anthony Artuso, Sr., co-owner.

“I pray when people see the pope cookie they see how many selfless people there are working everyday,” said Joseph Artuso, co-owner. “The pope is very giving to all and if we all do a little bit, we can help change the world.”

Artuso, Sr. added customers have reportedly shipped these cookies, which cost $2.95 each, to Spain, Guatemala and Nicaragua and one customer overnighted the commemorative treat to the Vatican.

To create the image Cooridori said the pope’s image is scanned through a computer program called Decopac Photo Cake System and is then printed onto two circular frosting covered stencils.

The cookies are made on the popular ‘Black and White Cookie’ base, a dozen to a tray, Artuso Pastry Chef Ruth Figueroa explained.

From the oven they are placed face down onto a plastic wrapped cooking sheet.

They are then covered with a delicious white gloss before receiving Pope Francis’ image.

Coordori and Figueroa explained it is a quick process and their shop can make hundreds a day.

Once completed, the treats are then packed into an order of six cookies to a box.

Coordori added that customers are asked to place orders for Pope Francis cookies either the day before or early in the day.

Artuso, Sr. added the Pope Francis cookies are a limited time offer and will be available for a short period after the pope’s departure on Sunday, September 27.

If interested in purchasing these cookies, call Artuso Pastry at either (718) 367-2515 or (914) 630-7880.

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