Pharmacist honors hardworking staff

On Friday, March 9, Pharmacist Jennifer Paul held an awards ceremony for her hardworking staff at Casa De Vida Pharmacy, located at 52 W. Burnside Avenue.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

Casa De Vida Pharmacist Jennifer Paul loves her staff, and on Friday, March 9, she provided them with just what the doctor ordered.

An awards ceremony in their honor.

Paul threw a three- year anniversary celebration at the small pharmacy located at 52 W. Burnside Avenue, and also used the celebration to honor her hard working staff for all of their help and dedication.

“I would like to take a few minutes at this time, to award the hard working staff at Casa De Vida pharmacy. Its their dedication and hard work that has helped to make this past few years successful,” Paul said. “I just want to say thank you to them because sometimes I ask the impossible.”

The seven members of the staff that were honored at the awards ceremony, Hamlet Munoz, Angelina Carela, Altania Lozano, Harold Herrera, Christina Gomez, Hector Martinez, and Kenny Rodriguez, were each presented with a gold trophy, by Paul, while she said a few kind words about their work over the past few years.

During the celebration, community members, friends and family were treated to an assortment of different dishes and desserts.

Guests at the event were also able to participate in a multi prize raffle and given a small keepsake key chain, which Paul had made for the event.

“I decided to give out awards because they work hard,” Paul said. “It’s more about the compassion they show the community, they treat everyone as if they are a family member. If someone is angry or upset, they stop everything to talk to them or comfort them. Customers have become like their family.”

Paul said she thinks the award was like an achievement for the members of the staff.

“They really just go above and beyond,” she said. “It is more than just them coming in and doing their job and leaving. I wanted the award to be recognition to them that they’ve done a good job.”

Paul said an example of the staff going beyond doing their job would be the delivery man, who make deliveries every day, at all hours of the day and night.

“Our delivery guys will do deliveries on Sunday if a patient can’t make it in, and we’re closed on Sunday,” Paul said.

Angelina Carela, 22, a staff member for two years, said it was nice to be recognized.

“It was something that surprised me at first because I didn’t expect that to happen,” Carela said.

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