Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association

Our next PBTCA meeting will be held on Monday, November 17, at St. Theresa’s cafeteria, 2855 St. Theresa Avenue. Refreshments will be served at 7 p.m., followed by our meeting. Our guest speakers are members of the NYC Fire Department. They will cover fire safety and fire prevention. I heard them speak at the Waterbury La Salle Community Association meeting and came away with a lot more important information in case of a fire. I also came home with a free smoke alarm, which they will also give to everyone at our November 17 meeting.

Elaine, from Assemblyman Michael Benedetto’s office, has again arranged for the MetroCard van to be in front of the Lawrence F. Keane Post, 2879 Buhre Avenue, on Friday, November 28, from 1 to 3 p.m. You will be able to add to your MetroCards.

If you are experiencing mail delivery problems, contact the manager of the Westchester Square main Post Office and speak to Mr. Nasta at (718) 829-9539. Give him the details and let him know how you feel about this problem. There is no excuse for mis-delivered mail.

We want to thank Senator Jeff Klein, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Councilman Jimmy Vacca, and Kenneth Kearn of Community Board 10 for coming to our October 18 rally and supporting us in our opposition to the seven-story, not needed- building with 44 apartments and not enough parking facilities. This building will cause additional problems to our over-crowded public school and impact the severe traffic on Middletown Road.

We especially want to thank Dottie Poggi of the Ferry Point Community Advocates for her great banners which showed the support from all our neighboring communities. We also want to thank everyone else who came and made their voices heard and our voices were definitely heard.

After the rally, Tony Cannata, Andrew Chirco and myself decided we must be more aggressive if we are to succeed in halting the over-development. We decided to draft petitions and have them ready for our October 20 PBTCA meeting. We collected 80 signatures at our meeting. A condensed version of our petitions “Demand that yesterday’s out-of-date zoning laws of the Department of Buildings and Department of City Planning be immediately amended to effectively match today’s realities. We demand a halt to the destructive over-development. We are in desperate need of parking facilities in our residential and commercial areas and that the needs of our community must take priority over greedy developers.” We are distributing these petitions at all our united civic meetings. Members took petitions with them for neighbors to also sign.

Representatives from HUD promised to look into the approval of the 3030 Middletown building. At this meeting, homeowners got up and informed us of their incredible, unbelievable problems with DOB allowing builders to build smack against their homes, closing up their windows, brick by brick, eliminating their light and their view. What happened to all the grandious plans of green space? All our communities were blessed with green space as far as the eye could see. The city planners have destroyed our green space with row houses, and continuous approval of more and more buildings covering all our green space with concrete.

Our fight against the invasion of our communities is just beginning. Let us all join together and create a tsunami of signatures opposing any further development without parking facilities. We demand zoning laws that include lots of green space. Join your local civic associations, sign the petitions, call your elected officials, call 311, Our communities were created by people who worked hard,–saved enough money to get mortgages so they could raise their children in a healthy, safe environment- They accomplished the American Dream and we will not allow the city planners to destroy those dreams.

Your 2009 dues of $10 which include the weekly delivery of the Bronx Times Reporter can be paid at our November 17 meeting.

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