Pelham Bay Taxpayers Assocation

Is everyone in Washington D.C. brain dead?  We don’t need a crystal ball to look into the future to see that when we stop drilling for oil for decades and decades, when we stop building refineries for too many decades, you are creating a future oil crisis.  Duh!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that today’s oil crisis is directly due to no one in Washington D.C. having the backbone to stand up to the environmentalists’ demands.  Because of their demands, the #1 country in the world is reduced to begging for oil from countries who have become extremely wealthy nations from our American dollars. The United States is sitting on enough oil to supply the rest of the world. We became the #1 country in the world by the sweat of American citizens united together, bPey officials in Washington with vision, enabling our country to make greater progress in 200 years than countries centuries old.

The environmentalists want to keep Alaska pristine, they want to save the caribou.  The people in Alaska want us to drill for oil because it will create jobs like the Alaska pipeline did.  I have read that in extreme cold weather, the caribou lay down next to the pipeline for warmth.

Once the oil speculators realize we are serious about drilling in Alaska, they will sell their oil stock.  They have profited enough dollars to will to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  They have done this at the expense and detriment to everyone else suffering by the disgraceful rise in the price of gasoline to fuel our cars to drive to work and oil to heat our homes.  

Let’s not repeat the ignorant and careless errors of the 1970s.  Why is Detroit still making cars that get less than 30 miles per gallon of gas?  Japan has come out with an electric car far superior to any  electric car.  

We are nearing the end of July, the heating season is fast approaching. Our president has asked the Congress several times over the past many months to start drilling for oil in Alaska.  The unbelievable answer from Congress has been a very loud no.  Congress better fix the oil crisis problem before the heating season arrives or we will be seeing a lot of new faces after the November election.

I missed our June meeting because I was thrilled to be at my grandson’s high school graduation.  It was inspirational to see so many beautiful, wonderful, bright young faces all eagerly looking forward to a successful future with the hope and determination of making the world and environment a better place for all. If we use the brains, the energy, and technology smarts of our young generation, we can halt our downward spiraling economy. Write, call, e-mail your congressmen, senators and demand they fix the oil crisis now!

Join your local civic associations and become informed of what is happening in your community.  Together we can fix all our problems, united we will be successful.  Enjoy the summer, it flies by too quickly.

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