NYCFC unveils 2021 ‘Bronx Blue’ primary kit and celebrates NYC heroes

NYCFC player and Bronx native Tavon Gray
Photos courtesy of NYCFC

NYCFC unveiled its 2021 ‘Bronx Blue’ primary kit Tuesday, paying homage to New Yorkers who have helped the city battle the pandemic during the past year.

Featured in the reveal photography shot in the shadow of NYCFC’s home in the south Bronx, is Jamie an avid NYCFC supporter from Washington Heights and has been working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic as a nurse practitioner.

The team also recognized, Oumou, a Mali native who has made the Bronx her home. She has been a coach with City in the Community (CITC) since 2010, bringing the game to youth through CITC- led programming. Jamie and Oumou represent all those across the five boroughs who have put down roots in New York City and embraced the hustle to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Local soccer coach Oumou

James Sands and Tayvon Gray, NYCFC First Team players, are also featured in the launch of the ‘Bronx Blue’ kit. Both graduates of NYCFC’s Academy, Sands is the club’s first homegrown player while Gray is the first Bronx native to join the team.

“I like the new shirt a lot,” Sands said. “It reminds me of the jersey from the inaugural season. At that point, I was still just a fan so it brings back some good memories for sure. It is always special for me to put on the jersey because I’ve seen my role in the team change so much over the past couple of years. From signing my first contract, to getting a few minutes here and there, to becoming a starter, and hopefully progressing onwards from there. I hope to inspire the next generation to do the same.

“I am especially proud to wear this new shirt this year because it represents New York City as a whole. The City has gone through so much and we would not be here without our frontline and essential workers. When we put on the shirt, we are proud to represent our supporters, our City and our local heroes.”

NYCFC player James Sands

The kit design features the club’s blue colorway with a tonal striped pattern inspired by the different uniforms of New York City’s municipal workers. The white trim details give a nostalgic nod to NYCFC’s very first jersey design from 2015, but takes on a modern, contemporary design. An adaptation of the New York City flag is emblazoned above the player nameplate serving as a proud declaration that the club represents a community of strong and resilient New Yorkers.

The ‘Bronx Blue’ jersey is now on-sale now via NYCFC City Members will receive a 10% discount when they shop at MLS Store with code “CityMember2021” at checkout.

To continue to recognize the heroes among us like Jamie, and all other essential workers within the community, NYCFC will be creating ‘Heroes Row” in-stadium for the 2021 season. Each home match, NYCFC will choose a front line/essential worker and their family to celebrate, giving them prime seats in this row to enhance their game experience and thank them for their part in getting us all through the past 12 months.

Nurse Practitioner Jamie

NYCFC will continue to celebrate local heroes throughout the season with several extensions. To start, the club will thank local hospitals for all the work throughout the pandemic with some of the first ‘Bronx Blue’ jerseys. These special-edition shirts will have a ‘Thank You’ message customized on the back and will be signed by the First Team.

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