NYBG plans renovation of Waring gate

The New York Botanical Garden is in the early stages of plans for a new and improved pathway leading in from the Waring Avenue entry gate.

For residents of the Bronx who frequent the NYBG, the convenience of the entryway along Waring Avenue is often encumbered by the difficulty caused by the steep terrain. Handicapped, elderly, or visitors with baby strollers have trouble navigating the path.

The new plan will create a more level ADA accessible path, giving guests a much easier and enjoyable walk.

“It will give a more convenient entryway into garden. That entry is not really publicized, people know it, but we would like to make it a more welcoming entrance,” said Frank Genese, vice president of Capital Projects, a division of NYBG that handles construction and design.

In addition, the NYBG will be beautifying this area to encourage use and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment from the moment guests arrive.

“We are going to turn it from a secondary path into a real primary entryway,” said Genese. “We are going to add a bridge that goes over a dip and level that out, so from the bridge you can look down and see the composting operation, making it an interesting path to travel.”

The Waring Avenue entryway is a prime location for visitors using the subway, since it is located directly between the Pelham Parkway/White Plains Road IRT Station and Allerton Avenue IRT Station.

The NYBG plans on working with the NYC Department of Parks, which owns the area outside the gated property a, to increase signage directing people to its location.

“The project is a long time coming. Nothing has been done to that area since the beginning and a lot of it is unpaved and much too steep,” said Joe Thompson of Community Board 11. “From the designs I saw it will look pretty good. This will allow the handicapped and elderly to exit and enter a lot safer and will be much more attractive to the eye once you get inside.”

Thompson added that this would be a huge bonus for the many people that live within walking distance of that entry. He pointed out that Parks needs to level out its side of the gate entrance which is often icy and dangerous in winter months.

NYBG will continue to amend the plans to suit the needs of guests and work with the community, keeping them abreast of progress until the best possible design is selected.

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