Noted photographer adds artwork to waiting area

AHRC New York City photography club members Jose Diaz (far left) and Robert Brunson (far right) display their photographs on permanent display at Jacobi Medical Center. Pictured (l-r): Jose Diaz; Darinka Vlahek, AHRC NYC; Linda Loeb, Jacobi Medical Center; George Fieros, Radiology, Jacobi Medical Center; Elaine Poggi, Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals; Peggy Vega, JMC Auxiliary member; and Robert Brunson.

Upon the loss of her mother, Elaine Poggi, founder of The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, vowed to bring light, color, soothing images, comfort and hope to patients and their families in hospitals around the world. A noted photographer, Poggi has traveled far and wide capturing breath taking images of nature. Recently, Poggi’s foundation teamed up with another special organization, AHRC New York City, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities, to donate 10 pieces of original photography to Jacobi Medical Center.

The photographs, taken by members of the AHRC New York City Photography Club on Mayflower Avenue in Pelham Bay, are on permanent display in a patient waiting area within the radiology department. On Wednesday May 27, Jacobi welcomed Poggi and the artists from AHRC New York City to view the display.

“We are delighted to be the recipient of such beautiful artwork from The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals and AHRC New York City,” said Linda Loeb, Director of Development. “As soon as the AHRC New York City members saw their images on display, it was evident how much it meant to them – they were so proud to stand by their work and were happy knowing that their art would bring smiles to the patients at Jacobi.”

“One of the main goals of our foundation is to give comfort and hope to patients and their families, visitors, and caregivers,” said Poggi. “It’s truly a blessing to be involved in something that has such a positive impact on people.”

Darinka Vlahek, AHRC New York City’s director of Curriculum Development, has seen first hand how creative programs, like the photography club, have helped individuals with disabilities. “At AHRC New York City, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of life enhancing experiences through which our members can express themselves,” she said.

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