Northeast Bronx Association Inc.

The saga of what will become of the Circuit City store continues. As you know we have continued to fight to get a supermarket at that location, and at one point Vornado Realty (the owner of the property) indicated that they would consider that possibility due to the change in the overall economy. Apparently, Vornado does not deal with supermarkets and whatever hope we had has evaporated, along with the few warm contacts we once had at that company. However, we will never give up on truing to get a supermarket at that location. To that extend, we have reached out to our elected officials for their support and hope they can get Vornado to listen to them.

As we have said before, Dunkin’ Donuts, Ridgewood Savings Bank and Eastern Wok Chinese Buffet indicated they would be staying. Duane Reade has begun construction of their new store, which is located along the fence line on Gun Hill Road. TGI Friday’s is being build adjacent to Dunkin’ Donuts, and the construction is moving ahead rapidly. Please attend our next meeting for an update.

Walgreens Update

NEBA was given a tour of the new store being constructed at Mace Avenue and Eastchester Road. The interior demolition is complete and the electrical and plumbing is being installed. Mapping of the floor plan is currently in progress. The parking lot will be repaved and have a couple of extra spaces. Grand opening may be late April or May.

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