Morris Park-based rock band makes music click

(L-r) HeistClick emcees Petro, Killah B, Faceman, “The Stuntman” Count Banks and Cutta, are proud to introduce their new single “Dirty Money,” its first since signing with a major independent label late last year.

Using the attitude and creed, “We Mean Business,” one local band is making lyrical waves with the recent release of their new single “Dirty Money.”

The Morris Park based group, HeistClick, comprised of local emcees MC Cutta, Count Banks, Petro and Frank Castle, a.k.a. Faceman, along with Jersey flavor from Killah B, added a female singer, Dirty D, to provide vocals for the new single; the group’s first since signing with a major independent label in 2007. 

Inspired while watching an episode of VH1’s Rock of Love, a reality dating show starring rock legend Brett Michaels, Castle said the song is based on a compilation of traits from four of the show’s women, each of which had her own individualities.

“I thought it would be cool to put it all together and make one girl,” he said.

Apparently it worked.

Upon finishing a rough demo version of what became known as “Dirty Money,” Castle said the members of HeistClick tested their product on a more than honest audience – their friends.

He said once they saw the women began to move to the beat of the music, they knew it was a go. “Everybody pretty much liked it so we went for it,” he added.   

Count Banks agreed the song’s catchy beat is sure to have listeners on their feet. “Plus, it’s a little easier on the ears than some of our other alternative music,” he added.

By fusing the sounds of hip-hop and rock-and roll with a creative lyrical twist, HeistClick created alternative hip-hop, a unique taste of the old classics.

The band, which garnered a loyal local following and a strong New York fan base, kicked their musical career into high gear when they signed with Hamptons Entertainment, the world’s largest independent talent agency, last fall.

Joining the True Sound Management roster, the group began recording with the Ocean Front Records label, which spearheaded the release of their new single “Dirty Money.”

 “We’re doing what we love to do,” Banks said about working with a label that embraces the band for who they are and what they stand for, instead of attempting to mold them into what could be considered the musical societal norm.

While HeistClick maintains control over their lyrics and alternative sound, they said it’s a relief to have the additional supportive backing.

“We’re official now, which makes it a lot easier,” Castle said referring to the much-appreciated work of their personal manager. The group also receives promotion, marketing publicity and booking services through its sister label, Paradise Publicity.

“We always had the fame bug since we were little kids,” Castle said. “Now our dreams are becoming real.”

Among other honors, since the release of their first album “Superpowers” in 2002, the group won a Jammy Award for “Best New Hip-Hop Group in NYC,” while their debut single “High Noon” climbed the college radio charts.

HeistClick hopes to release their second album, not yet titled, to a larger audience later this summer.

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