Letter: Columnist is ‘stuck in Ozzie and Harriet land’

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To the Editor,

Last week’s Conservative columnist reached a new low, falsely accusing immigrants of bringing the COVID disease into the country, parroting the ludicrous claims of the two most dangerous governors in the nation, Abbott and DeSantis. These two governors continue to put their constituents at risk by refusing to adhere to CDC guidelines and actively undermining mitigation efforts.
This week’s column is so over the top, filled with misinformation and dripping with hatred that it does not even merit rebuttal. We all know what the author is against: protests for social justice, calls for action to address climate change, immigrants and any progressive idea. But what are the goals of the columnist, what is his vision for the future?
Mr. Vernuccio appears terrified about the future and his goal seems to be reinstating the past, when old white guys ruled the roost unquestioned and when all “others” (women, minorities, etc.) knew their “place” and when America’s meddling in the affairs of other countries was unquestioned.
It really is sad that the writer is stuck in Ozzie and Harriet land, where everything was just peachy keen and the problems we now face could be swept under the rug. Unfortunately, allowing these problems to fester has made resolving them much more wrenching and costly. This past negligence is why bold progressive programs need to be enacted.
Pasqual Pelosi

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