Column: Illegal immigrants unchecked put us at risk for diseases

U.S. Border Wall Fence
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The Centers for Disease Control has recommended reimposing some COVID restrictions, even as the Biden administration wholly ignores a key reason why the China-originated pandemic is having a mild resurgence.

Taken as a whole throughout the nation, COVID is not appearing to be returning to the same level of danger it previously presented, thanks largely to the Trump administration’s vaccine development efforts. However, the impact of the Biden White House ignoring the impact of dramatic numbers of unvaccinated illegal immigrants storming across the southern border is facilitating an uptick in cases. The policy of quietly spreading those people throughout the nation is worrisome.

Contagious disease problems from illegal immigration is not a new phenomenon. The Southern Medical Association previously warned that illegal immigration may expose Americans to diseases that have been virtually eradicated, but are highly contagious.

The Center for Immigration Studies has emphasized the work of  Peter Edelstein, M.D., who writing in Psychology Today in January 2017, warned that “In the end, it is hard to completely ignore the health risks posed by those whose entry into the country avoids medical examination and treatment. Whether you sit on the ‘build a wall’ end of the spectrum or the ‘they’re just seeking a better life’ end, accepting that treatable major health risks are freely entering into our general population is an unwise strategy, regardless of your political leaning…”

That caution has been echoed by the Federation for American immigration Reform, which has argued that illegal immigrants, unlike those who are legally admitted, undergo no medical screening to assure that they are not bearing contagious diseases. They are setting a resurgence of contagious diseases that had been totally or nearly eradicated by the U.S. public health system.

Published reports indicate that 30% of illegal immigrants in border facilities refused to take the COVID vaccine. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has reported, notes Axios, that 20,000 illegals have been found to have the disease in their facility.

Details from ICE facilities scattered throughout the nation are worrisome. A few examples: The Stewart Detention Center found 871 confirmed COVID cases; 563 at the Bluebonnet Center, 404 at the Aurora Contact Facility, 609 in the El Paso Service Processing Center, 423 in the Otero County Processing Center, 460 in the Houston Contract Facility, 471 in the Montgomery Processing Center, 763 in a New Orleans facility, 493 in Louisiana’s Richwood Center, 1,634 in La Palma Correctional facility, 886 in Karnes, 535 in El Valle, 1,011 in Port Isabel, 1,169 at the South Texas Family Residential Facility, 871 in the South Texas Center, and 471 in San Diego’s Otay facility.

On July 26, The Border Report noted that “671 new COVID-19 cases were reported Monday in Hidalgo County on South Texas border.”

Republican senators are calling on the president to address the humanitarian, national security, and most recently, public health crisis on the southern border. As rates of COVID-19 rise in Texas communities, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz urged the Biden administration to preserve Title 42 prompt expulsions of illegal immigrants to protect the health and safety of Americans.

Cruz noted that “The Biden border crisis is getting worse…We are on pace for over 2 million people to cross illegally into this country. We have the highest level of illegal immigration in over 20 years. Last year, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.”

Cruz particularly criticized the Biden administration for seeking to end Title 42 restrictions, the Sanitation and Quarantine measure affecting entry into the United States of those with contagious diseases. He states that “…Joe Biden is now talking about ending title 42. Title 42 is the tool that has allowed us to prevent people with COVID from being released into this country.”

Taking the opposite tact, Cruz has introduced the SHIELD Act, which would prevent the release of illegals with contagious diseases into the general population.

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