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After our summer break, I’m really going to try a renewed push for the Sons of the American Legion. Sure we help, most of us are dual members anyway, but it was great to see two additional young men help the wife and I at the VA Hospital at the last function. We don’t have to be super formal, just  meet up briefly after a post meeting to mail off the paperwork and see if we can help with anything. Remember, our new mailing address is P.O. Box 417, Throggs Neck Station, Bronx, N.Y. 10465.

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The new Post 9/11 GI Bill is ready for the president. It will update many entitlements needed by our modern forces and change monetary amounts accordingly. I hope it’s sufficient. Our troops are more than deserving.

National Security

It seems port security is a convenient way for politicians to get continuing press coverage. They have been told since the ‘80s that over 5,500 ships visit the Port of NY/NJ yearly. That means in excess of a million cargo containers arrive in the northeast alone with no means to adequately check them except for a radiation scan. Of course the Coast Guard gets no additional personnel or funding and do we dare trust other governments to inspect containers prior to the ship’s voyage here? The problem will continue until….

On the computer, we’re at Bronx Times Reporter’s website, YourNabe.com. Type in American Legion, choose recent, click go and pray.

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Saudi Arabia has promised to help with the price of oil. I hope they do better than their promise to fight terrorism.  – Jay Leno

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